When Hope Zion Hospital's Chief of Surgery, Charlie Harris ends up in a coma, he finds himself wandering the halls in spirit form. Stuck between worlds, he watches as his fiancée and the staff of the hospital fight to keep patients - and hope - alive. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Hope Never Dies 05x18
In the series finale, Drs. Reid and Harris rush to the scene of an accident involving a busload of teens.
First and Last 05x17
Alex and Charlie are planning their wedding when disaster strikes at a chapel, and they have to put their wedding on hold to save the life of a bride.
La Famiglia 05x16
Alex has to put her concerns for Charlie aside when a chance to perform a cancer surgery arises.
Fix You 05x15
The board questions the hospital staff about Charlie's behaviour; a patient convinces Alex to use new-age techniques; Shahir agrees to do an in-utero surgery.
We Need to Talk About Charlie Harris 05x14
Charlie struggles more than ever with his relationship to the spirit world after a spirit distracts him at the scene of an accident, resulting in the death of a child. Alex must convince a holistic "guru to have hernia surgery, but the woman does not want anesthetic because of a traumatic experience in her past. In the end, they compromise with an awake surgery. Dana enlists the help of two young filmmakers, who've been admitted to the hospital, to make an adoption video for Shahir.
Problem Child 05x13
Alex tries to help a patient who hurt himself while breaking into a house; a friend of Dev's has been beaten by the police; A heart patient wishes to open an animal sanctuary.
Leap of Faith 05x12
Alex and Maggie work together to deliver a baby; Charlie treats a magician.
Nightmares & Dreamscapes 05x11
While Charlie tries to save a young man's life, he is haunted by a mischievous spirit.
Change of Heart 05x10
Alex tries to distract herself from her grief; Charlie and Shahir try to track down Alex's brother; Alex treats a young girl with kidney failure; Maggie and Sydney treat a young woman with an STI.
All Our Yesterdays 05x09
The doctors rally together to try to save an unknown man who was struck by a subway train; Randal delivers a warning about Charlie's gift; Dr. Sydney Katz returns to town.

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