A nineteen-year-old girl called Heaven discovers that the well-to-do businessman who adopted her as an infant is actually the head of Yakuza, the Japanese mafia responsible for murdering her brother. Upon leaving her family Heaven decides to become a samurai with the help of her new American friends, and grows determined to take down her father's empire. This series is based on the popular novels for young people. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

The Book of the Shadow (2) 01x06
Things are set in motion with the hope that Heaven's prophesied powers will be realized.
The Book of the Shadow (1) 01x05
Heaven begins to question Karen's loyalty and tries to alert Jake to her doubts.
The Book of the Heart (2) 01x04
Jake is surprised when his ex-fiancée, Karen (Stacy Keibler), makes an unexpected visit.
The Book of the Heart (1) 01x03
Heaven relies on Jake, Severin, Otto and Cheryl to help her continue to find answers that will solve the mystery of her past.
The Book of the Sword (2) 01x02
Heaven persuades her brother's friend Jake (Brendan Fehr), a martial-arts expert, to begin training her as a samurai so that she'll be prepared to fend off attackers as she searches for the truth about her past.
The Book of the Sword (1) 01x01
A reluctant Heaven (Jamie Chung) leaves Tokyo with her family and heads to San Francisco for her arranged marriage. After a group of ninjas arrives and turns the ceremony into chaos, Heaven is warned to be careful whom she trusts, so she sets out to seek some answers about her adopted family and her own past.

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