Set in 17th century colonial Massachusetts—a significant time in the history of American politics, religion and society— Salem brings you the real story behind the infamous witch trials. In Salem, witches are real, and they're behind it all. Salem Village and Salem Town feuded over property, grazing rights and church rights. The government was dominated by Puritan leaders. People were scrutinized closely and this resulted in obvious discord. They were afraid of being persecuted for anything that may offend the Puritan mindset. The word "witch" seemed an easy and appropriate curse hurled at someone who behaved abnormally. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Black Sunday 03x10
Survival is uncertain on the eve of Salem's demise.
Saturday Mourning 03x09
Everyone reveals their true colors and some hearts get broken in the process.
Friday's Knights 03x08
Mortal enemies come together in order to keep all hell from literally breaking loose.
The Man Who Was Thursday 03x07
Loyalties are tested when Mary makes a dangerous move.
Wednesday's Child 03x06
Mary and Alden have their love put to the ultimate test. Meanwhile, Anne becomes more deeply involved with dark magic.
The Witch is Back 03x05
A traitor is exposed while a ghost from Salem's past makes a shocking appearance.
Night's Black Agents 03x04
Cotton discovers life-altering news while Mary learns the power of her femininity.
The Reckoning 03x03
Mary's penance for her betrayal takes a deadly turn while Cotton is forced to perform an exorcism of his own.
The Heart is a Devil 03x02
Mary is hell-bent on keeping evil at bay when she leaves the comfort of Alden's arms.
After the Fall 03x01
In the Season 3 premiere, the people of Salem come to the frightening conclusion that their only hope for surviving the hell that has risen is to raise the dead.

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