Sailor Moon is about Serena, a teenager who lives in Tokyo. She lived on the Moon Kingdom and was sent to Earth for protection. As evil rises, she and four of her friends must transform into the Sailor Scouts and save Earth, and the Universe. Soon 4 more scouts appeared. 3 of which do not like working with the others, and the last Sailor Scout apears at the end of S. Sailor Moon is the North American dub of the Japanese anime "Bishôjo senshi Sailor Moon". Sailor Moon was originally a Japanese comic(manga), spun off from the comic: Codename wa Sailor V. It was then turned into the anime we watch today! THEME SONG {The tune is the same as the Japanese, but the words aren't} Fighting evil by moonlight, Winning love by daylight. Never running from a real fight, She is the one named Sailor Moon. She will never turn her back on a friend, She will always be there to defend. She is the one of whom you could depend. She is the one named Sailor... Sailor Venus! Sailor Mercury! Sailor Mars! Sailor Jupiter! The Secret powers are so new to her, She is the one named Sailor Moon. (break) Fighting evil by moonlight. Winning love by daylight. When the Sailors get to help fight, She is the one named Sailor Moon. She is the one named Sailor Moon. She is the one, Sailor Moon! Main Villians (in order) - Negaverse: Queen Beryl - Doom Tree: Alan & Ann - Negamoon: Wiseman, Black Moon Family - Fiore and Kisinean flower(R movie) - Bureau of Bad Behavior: Pharaoh 90 & Dr. Tomoe - Snow Queen Kaguya and Snow dancers (S movie) - Dead Moon Circus: Zirconia, then Queen Nehelenia - Lady Badyannu and the 3o'clock fairies (SS movie) -Queen Nehelenia then Sailor Galaxia (Chaos)(un-dubbed as of yet) F.A.Q.s Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Season 5, Episode 1 04x41
The Sweetest Dream 04x39
Nehelenia kidnapps Rini and Sailor Moon follow. She tells her why she exixts only with in a mirror and how her dreams were stolen when she was a child. She tosses Rini from the rising comet. Can Sailor Moon save her in time??
Golden Revival 04x38
One in the Hand 04x37
The Dark Legend 04x36
Show Time Showdown 04x35
The girls go in to the tent, only to be faced with their worst nightmares because of Zirconia's spell.
Day of Night 04x34
During a marathon at Rini's school, strange spiderwebs apear all over the city. They seem to cause Darien a lot of pain. Is the Dead Moon Circus finaly taking over? Helios tells everyone whats happening and how everyone is in danger.
Tomorrow's Big Dreams 04x33
The Scouts and Quartet work together to prepare for the Coming of Age ceremony (in civilian form) and the Scouts explain the importance of growing up to the Quartet, as the 2 groups become friends.
Rini's Lovely Rhapsody 04x32
Everyone wonders who Rini's mysterious love is, and think its an old fisherman, who turns out to be the next victim.
Pegasus Revealed 04x31
Rini wants to be an adult. Serena wants to be a kid. What happens when ParaPara grants their wish?

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