Feel-good comedy about a feisty 13-year-old girl with the sass of Cheryl Cole and the punch of a prize fighter. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Seasonalicious 03x08
Keith thinks Steve wants him out of the house. Sadie wants to go to a music festival.
Dinnerlicious 03x07
Dede's TV appearance goes wrong and Sadie's plans are doomed.
Dederama 03x06
Jake and Danny compete to be the best line dancer at Mrs V's Wild West night. Whilst Sadie and Taylor have to talk Dede out of rebelling against her image.
Littlemixamondo 03x05
Rico and Dede battle it out to prove who's Sadie's best friend, just so they can meet their favourite girl band - Little Mix.
Ricolatino 03x04
Sadie is so depressed that Kit has left the country that she decides to audition for a new bling friend; but is there really anyone out there who can match up to her old BFF?
Braziliant 03x03
Sadie is so obsessed with getting to a pop concert that she doesn't see that she might be about to lose Kit for good. Is it the end for the gang? Meanwhile, Keith can't get anything done when his Nan comes to stay.
Mamalicious 03x02
When Steve tries to make Sadie spend Mother's Day with his new girlfriend, Sadie goes on a campaign to get rid of her.
Beaudelicious 03x01
Sadie has finally got a boyfriend - but how is she going to tell her Dad that she's going out with Taylor? What she doesn't know is that Dad has some very big news of his own.
Pixiepopalistic (Part 2 of 2) 02x13
Pixiepopalistic (Part 1 of 2) 02x12

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