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Episode 15 12x15
How one of the biggest online shopping companies in the world has left its customers wishing they'd taken their business elsewhere.
Episode 14 12x14
Angela meets the fed-up pedestrians who want to bring an end to motorists parking on the pavement. They say it's dangerous and inconsiderate- drivers say they have no choice.
Episode 13 12x13
How the scramble for a hot tub has left people hundreds of pounds down. Plus, how criminals posing as key workers have played on the people's fears to extract yet more money from their victims.
Episode 12 12x12
Angela joins a stake out with a man whose confrontational approach to taking on the fly tippers has to be seen to be believed. Plus, top-notch consumer advice is handed out at the annual pop up shop.
Episode 11 12x11
The shocking tale of the hackers intercepting customer accounts with fast-food businesses and leaving them to foot the bill. And how companies are failing victims of identity fraud.
Episode 10 12x10
Julia Somerville, Gloria Hunniford and Angela Rippon investigate how thoroughly builder-vetting websites check the tradespeople they list.
Episode 9 12x09
The team hear from job seekers who were told that before they could even get an interview, they would need to pay for training that ultimately turned out to be pointless.
Episode 8 12x08
A woman whose husband paid £85,000 for collectable gold coins learns what they're really worth, and the couriers who did a runner after being hired to move valuable items.
Episode 7 12x07
The team expose flaws in the UK companies register that allow dodgy firms to appear legit, and why is a little-known government agency claiming to own bits of people's gardens?
Episode 6 12x06
The team investigate a supermarket loyalty card scheme that refuses to refund customers who have had their points stolen by scammers.

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