Ridiculousness and Rob Dyrdek return with another incredible season of hysterical and absurd internet videos. Sterling "Stee-Lo" Brim and Chanel "West Coast" join Rob and another unbelievable line up of special guests, including rapper phenom Future, R&B singer/ songwriter Ne-Yo, and internet video super-team Smosh. This season's storm of new categories like "Power Kiss", "Everyday Demons", "Human Glitches", and "Magnet Feet" will leave you belly laughing for the rest of your life. Add to my shows

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Chanel and Sterling CLVI 16x09
Rob, Chanel and Steelo celebrate some SCHOOL SPIRIT, check out some ABOVE GROUND FOOLS and expect the very expected with YUP.

Latest episodes

Miles Brown 16x08
Rob, Chanel, and Steelo are joined by Black-ish star Miles Brown to solve some crimes in EVERYDAY DETECTIVES, make poor decisions in DUMB-ISH, and pull some teeth in TOOTH LARRYS.
Chanel and Sterling CLIII 16x07
Rob, Chanel, and Steelo get bent out of shape in HINGE CRINGE, get trapped in a GIGGLE PRISON, and take a visit to the angriest place on earth, SWING CITY.
B. Simone 16x06
Wild N' Out Star B.Simone joins Rob, Chanel and Steelo to train some ROOKIE ROASTERS, see a few people COMIN' THRU, and stat check some VOLUME SHOOTERS.
Dave East 16x05
Hip hop star Dave East joins Rob, Chanel and Steelo to try to stay alive in SURVIVORS, feel the power of DRAGONBALLERS, and learn that maybe you shouldn't always LISTEN TO YOUR FATHER.
Gene Simmons 16x04
Rock Icon and KISS Frontman Gene Simmons joins Rob, Chanel, and Steelo to find out what happens when you CALL DR. LOVE, salute the fans in TOO READY TO ROCK, and spit hot fire in DEMON'S BREATH.
Chanel and Sterling CLII 16x03
Rob, Chanel, and Steelo dodge FACE-SEEKING MISSILES, hang with some CREEPY ADOLESCENTS, and feel the CALL OF THE VOID.
Juicy J II 16x02
Rob, Chanel and Steelo give Academy Award Winning hip hop legend, Juicy J a big WELCOME BACK, multitask in the bathroom in TOILET TIME, and have too much to drink in TWISTED UP.
Chanel and Sterling CLI 16x01
Rob, Chanel, and Steelo takes matters into their own hands and become the PEST CONTROL, save dough in FREE MASSAGE, and steer clear of GASSASSINS.
Gene Simmons 15x43
Chanel and Sterling CLII 15x42

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