Ridiculousness and Rob Dyrdek return with another incredible season of hysterical and absurd internet videos. Sterling "Stee-Lo" Brim and Chanel "West Coast" join Rob and another unbelievable line up of special guests, including rapper phenom Future, R&B singer/ songwriter Ne-Yo, and internet video super-team Smosh. This season's storm of new categories like "Power Kiss", "Everyday Demons", "Human Glitches", and "Magnet Feet" will leave you belly laughing for the rest of your life. Add to my shows

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Vitaly Zdorovetskiy 14x20
Youtube prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy joins Rob, Chanel and Steelo to meet some NATURAL BORN PRANKSTERS, travel to the BROVIET UNION and learn a few SWOLE SHORTCUTS.

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Schoolboy Q 14x19
Schoolboy Q joins Rob, Steelo and Chanel to get wild on the NUMB NUMB JUICE, golf hard with HOLE LOTTA STRESS and watch football dreams disappear in SHATTERED CHANCES.
Chanel and Sterling CXVIII 14x18
Rob, Steelo and Chanel take a ride in some SELF-CRASHING CARS, light a match to some FUEL FOOLS and mock some criminals with NO GETAWAY PLAN.
Austin Mahone 14x17
Recording artist Austin Mahone joins Rob, Steelo and Chanel to talk about grandparents who are GRANDPOSITIVE, the experience of LAKE ACHES and things that happen ONLY IN JAPAN.
Chanel and Sterling CXVII 14x16
Rob, Chanel and Steelo take a ride on the HOODLEBARS, hear some EMPTY APOLOGIES and meet some folks who are BLAZED AND CONFUSED.
Grant Gustin 14x15
"The Flash" star Grant Gustin joins Rob, Steelo and Chanel to go for a jog in TRASH FLASHES, find a felon friend in CELL MATES and put tap-dancing skills to use in APPLIED TAP.
Chanel and Sterling CXXII 14x14
Rob, Steelo and Chanel get outdoors with WHISKEY CAMPING, drive off on WRONG WAZE, and age in the sun with PREMIUM LEATHER.
Trey Songz 14x13
Trey Songz joins Rob, Chanel and Steelo to experience PAIN PLEASURE, watch out for MR. STEAL YOUR GIRL and learn to love electricity with some people who are FEELIN' THE SPARK.
Chanel and Sterling CXVI 14x12
Rob, Chanel, and Steelo discuss whether some parents should PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE, advise us all to TRUST NOBODY and find out that NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES.
Josef Newgarden 14x11
IndyCar racing champ Josef Newgarden joins Rob, Steelo, and Chanel to find out what makes a car INDY-STRUCTIBLE, pay tribute to those who are PONG STRONG and decide who is COCKPIT UNFIT.
Chanel and Sterling CXV 14x10
On an all-new episode of Ridiculousness, Rob, Steelo, and Chanel celebrate some CITY PRIDE, lift with some LITERAL PICKUP ARTISTS, and ruffle the feathers of some WILDIN' OWLS.

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