Cloning, bioterrorism, genetic engineering, not since the atom bomb has science had such potential to change the world. Canada, Mexico, and the United States have created a trilateral taskforce, The North American Biotechnology Advisory Commission, or NorBAC, to investigate questionable advances in the fields of biotechnology, bio-weaponry and nanotechnology.Under the charismatic leadership of Chief Scientist David Sandstrom and Executive Director Caroline Morrison, the Toronto-based organisation struggles to understand the political, legal, and personal underbrush in which new science has become entangled. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

The Truth 04x13
David is more determined than ever to stop the birth of the first human clone after he has a chilling glimpse into the future.
The Sounds of Science 04x12
Roth has given the world's most powerful leaders the stem cell treatment that Bob has discovered leads to violent paranoia. A horrific atrocity is uncovered as Carlos investigates a mysterious outbreak in Moldova.
Bloodless 04x11
Forensic evidence in the case of a young boy's murder leads the NorBAC team to investigate the existence of a prehistoric creature, believed extinct for 10,000 years. A dramatic development complicates NorBAC.s plans to deactivate Nina's Jacobson's Organ.
What It Feels Like 04x10
Disregarding procedure, David hires his new lover, Enuka. Mayko is contacted by the parents of a sick child who believe she is their last hope. Scientists must discover how to deactivate Nina's Jacobson's Organ as her behavior becomes increasingly erratic and violent.
Unbottled 04x09
A terrorist cell infiltrates the NorBAC lab and forces the scientists to produce a deadly measles mutation to be used as chemical warfare.
Brood 14 04x08
Bob finally tracks down Nina but makes a gruesome discovery at Roth's lab that suggests an experiment on Nina is about to go terribly wrong. The team investigates unusual crow attacks that appear to target military airports.
Hearts and Minds 04x07
A pharmaceutical company comes under fire when its newly-marketed immune suppressing drug triggers a high incidence of congestive heart failure. David must find a replacement for Wes. Bob recalls romantic memories of a girl named Nina after suffering a stroke.
Race Fever 04x06
When a mysterious outbreak at the Tour Cycle Quebec hospitalizes several cyclists, NorBAC must investigate. Meanwhile, a controversial hyperbaric chamber treatment may help Bob manage his brain infection.
Suspicious Minds 04x05
After an experimental treatment for Hep C nearly kills him, Wes quits NorBAC to enroll in a revolutionary HCV program in Stockholm. A racist city councilor claims his daughter was poisoned by Muslim extremists. The FDA is willing to expedite some drugs to save an immune-deficient woman infected with smallpox.
The Kiss 04x04
Bob is haunted by memories of his time at Roth's secret lab; Wes insists that Rachel inject him with a highly experimental decoy drug to fight the virulent Hepatitis C. A contagious disease appears in a small town, resulting in mysterious brain inflammation.

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