Reed Between the Lines is a comedy that centers on Dr. Carla Reed, a busy psychiatrist, wife and mom struggling to balance her job and her happy but chaotic home life. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Let's Talk About Family Anniversaries 02x09
You Have To Let Them Go 02x08
Kaci starts to act a bit quiet and removed. While going over the notes Alex gave her for her English assignment, she unexpectedly finds out that Alex and her mother are getting a divorce.
I'm Not Superhuman 02x07
Constantly at odds about how to raise the kids, Alex and Monroe come to an impasse that leads to Monroe moving out.
Sometimes You're Picked, Sometimes You Choose 02x06
Kaci and Keenan's biological dad, Marcus, comes to town to attend Kaci's performance in a local talent show. He's impressed with how she sounds and offers to introduce her to record label executives before he leaves.
The "C" Is Silent 02x05
Alex misses the registration deadline to enroll Alexis in the district spelling bee and is forced to call in a favor to get her application reinstated.
The Truth Hurts 02x04
Men And Women Can Be 02x03
It Takes a Village 02x02
It's Complicated 02x01
Let's Talk About Talking 01x25

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