In Ray Mears Goes Walkabout, Ray journeys through the wilderness of the Australian Outback to learn about the people, the wildlife and the culture of this extraordinary land. He is joined by Australian survival experts who enrich his journey and deepen Ray's understanding of the bushcraft of this incredible continent. These are journeys that encompass many of the themes of Rays world discovery, the natural world, indigenous culture, adventure and survival. Above all, they represent something very close to Rays heart the most important thing we can learn when travelling is to be open to new ideas, new ways of doing things, new experiences. For Ray, this is the only way to promote understanding and learning. His voyage into the wilds of Australia encompasses so many different natural habitats, with a rich indigenous culture and many tales of exploration and survival... Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Rock Art 01x04
Rock art is important to the Indigenous Australian way of life. Ray Mears travels with an Indigenous artist to learn more about it and to have a try at rock art himself.
Torres Strait 01x03
Ray Mears travels to the Torres Strait Islands to learn how the islanders' lifestyle has helped them retain much of their bushcraft and knowledge.
The Bushtucker Man 01x02
Ray Mears makes a journey across Queensland with bushtucker man Les Hiddins. They both share a love of the wilderness and have learnt much of what they know from indigenous people. Each of them has already left his mark on the world of bushcraft and now they get to work together for the first time.
Desert 01x01
Ray Mears crosses the Australian desert, showing how to wring water from these barren lands and how travelling light is the key to success on such an epic journey.

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