The award-winning team behind Penguins - Spy in the Huddle use hidden cameras to go into the heart of the dolphins' world, offering the chance to encounter dolphins up-close. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

What's Best For Joshua? 02x10
Kym decides whether to allow Joshua's birth mother to play a role in his life. Meanwhile, she deals with the men in her life.
Joshua's Birthmother 02x09
Beauty Shop 02x08
After months of preparation, Wendell, Kym, Rodney and Harold suit up for the 25th anniversary revival of "Beauty Shop".
Harold's Big Break 02x07
Kym is worried that the lead of her "Beauty Shop" revival, Harold, won't be ready in time; in the meantime, Kym and Joshua have to move out of the house during renovations.
My Baby's Going to School! 02x06
Kym finds out that a spot has opened up at a coveted preschool; Kym has an opportunity to pursue a project, but she has to raise the money to make it happen.
Runaway Bride 02x05
Rodney's Remorse 02x04
Wendell gives Kym a tour of his office and introduces her to his ex-wife; Kym teaches Joshua about strangers; Rodney apologizes to Kym.
One Night Only 02x03
Kym performs a stand-up routine at a comedy club known for its hecklers; Omarosa and Wendell take swimming lessons.
Wendell's Struggle 02x02
Kym's Woman of the Year award; Wendell's personal battle.
Growing Up Whitley 02x01
Wendell tries a juice cleanse to lower his cholesterol; Kym meets with Joshua's birth mother; things between Rodney and Kym remain tense.

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