Humanity's tinkering with genetically modified organisms has come to wreak havoc on a world already set upon by a failing world economy, health problems across the globe, natural disasters and human intolerance. When the dead stop staying dead, humanity has no choice but to fight for its continued survival. Project Z chronicle's humanity's climb from the ashes. Unlike most stories about the Undead Armageddon, Project Z is a story of hope. Humanity will survive. There is no other option. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Two Hits 02x03
Voodoo Zombie 02x02
Allen and Jake look to blow off some steam and head out to a party in the woods. Music, mind altering drugs, Zombies and mayhem ensue...
No Such Thing 02x01
Kriss and Jearl write and direct a zombie series. When invited to be panelists and New Orlean's Undeadcon, They face an uncomfortable question: What have they done to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse? Since they don't believe in zombies, they haven't done a thing. When Z-Day hits... will they survive?
Just the Two of Us 01x07
A disturbing portrait of obsession and mental illness set in the "Project Z" Universe. Jack loves Sally. Probably more than he should.
Antigen 01x06
Ku Klux Zombie 01x05
Snack Time 01x04
Doctor Doctor 01x03
Legend of the Zombie Queen 01x02
Lt. 01x01

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