In an imaginary world, modern-day Korea is run by a constitutional monarchy facing crumbling popularity after the recent death of the reigning King. To try to help the situation, the Royal Family decides to marry off the Crown Prince, Lee Shin, prior to his ascension to the throne. To their horror, however, they discover that the dead King's father, Shin's grandfather, had a pact with a commoner that their grandchildren would marry.Enter headstrong, klutzy, Shin Chae Kyung, an average girl who is now suddenly engaged to the country's Crown Prince. Prince Shin has no intention of making things easy for his commoner fiancée, however, especially since he's got his eye on someone else. Chae Kyung soon finds her work cut out for her in adapting to palace life and trying to please the Royal Family. Her optimistic spirit captures the attention of Lee Yul, the other contender for the throne who, while trying to win the Princess in order to gain the throne, finds himself falling in love with her for real.Among the plots, deceptions, and expectations in the mix, can the Royal couple see one another for who they really are and manage to fall in love? Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Episode 24 01x24
The crown princess gets ready to go abroad, while the crown prince awaits his summons.
Episode 23 01x23
After the fire, the royal family tries to find out what happened and why. Yul feels heartbroken.
Episode 22 01x22
The royal family is reeling from Yul's confession. The crown princess is seriously considering leaving the palace.
Episode 21 01x21
The royal couple wraps up the TV interview. The crown princess goes on a hunger strike.
Episode 20 01x20
The crown princess is involved in a media scandal of her own. The crown prince confronts Lady Hwa Young.
Episode 19 01x19
The crown prince finds out something about the emperor and Lady Hwa Young. The crown princess gets in trouble again.
Episode 18 01x18
Drama gets stirred up at Prince Ee Sung's birthday party. Chae Kyung tries to play a prank on Shin.
Episode 17 01x17
The empress makes Hyo Rin an offer. Prince Ee Sung starts to take on more responsibility.
Episode 16 01x16
The crown prince and princess have a romantic getaway. Hyo Rin is more upset than anyone realized.
Episode 15 01x15
The crown prince's actions have gotten him in trouble. The entire royal family comes together for dinner.

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