Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is the live action version of the anime Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (1992) and retells a popular story in a fresh new way. Usagi Tsukino was just your average junior high school girl when she discovers she is a reincarnated soldier named Sailor Moon. She is joined by 4 other soldiers, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus as well as the enigmatic Tuxedo Kamen. Their mission is to find the Silver Crystal and to protect the princess while foiling the evil plots of Queen Beryl and her minions. Based off the hit manga series Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon by manga artist Naoko Takeuchi. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon lasted for 1 season with 49 episodes. The series also spawned two Special acts, a prequel (Act 0) which is three different stories all rolled into one ("The Birth of Sailor V", "The Birth of Tuxedo Mask", and "Hina Afterwards"), and a follow-up special which takes about 3 years after the end of the series. The series also spawned a special live concert where the girls, luna, and a special guest of honour, Sae, sang songs from the series. Also, there was a special "Behind the Scenes" episode which was filmed and aired before the series began. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Final Act 01x49
Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter must try to stop the Princess from destroying the earth! Can they do it in time?
Act.48 01x48
Mamoru has taken Metaria's power inside himself and plans to die that way but in the end will it be Usagi who is forced to stop him?
Act.47 01x47
Minako has finally decided to go through with the surgery that will save her life and the other girls plan to throw her a party. Meanwhile Endymion plans one last desperate act to prevent Mataria from destroying the world.
Act.46 01x46
The Jupiter and Venus begin to realize that life is for living and Rei is transported to Mamoru with tragic consequences.
Act.45 01x45
Jupiter admires Venus' resolve in completing the mission from their past as Metaria's power runs rampant and more and more people lose their souls to Metaria's Youma.
Act.44 01x44
Zoisite makes a deal with Beryl to save Endymion's life; Endymion's life for the Princess'. Meanwhile Venus confronts Mars and kicks her out of the team.
Act.43 01x43
Usagi can control the power of the Princess while she is conscious but not while she sleeps. In order to suppress the power of the Princess, Mamoru is given once last day to spend with Usagi.
Act.42 01x42
The Youma are getting much stronger as Metalia is closer to reawakening and Queen Beryl launches yet another plot to separate Endymion from his princess. Meanwhile Usagi fights for control over the Silver Mystical Crystal.
Act.41 01x41
It's summer vacation for the girls and Usagi and Makoto are volunteering at a local childcare center. When the adults start dropping in the surrounding area Makoto and Usagi are forced to reveal their secret identities to close friends in order to save them!
Act.40 01x40
Rei and the other girls rally around Minako as she ponders quitting the music business to concentrate on being soldier full time.

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