Follow the action-packed lives of the high-speed police interception unit. Led by specially trained officers and equipped with the fastest vehicles in the force, the team tackles the most difficult-to-catch criminals on a daily basis. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Episode 14 13x14
Jacko and the firearms team are called to house where a suspect is reported to posses a shotgun. Richie and Pete hunt down a drugged-up driver who escaped on foot after crashing his car, and dog handler Liam and his canine colleague Louie are part of a 20-strong team raiding two houses linked to a suspected drug dealer.
Episode 13 13x13
Jacko and the firearms unit flush out a suspect after finding a homemade gun, while a 999 call leads to a drugs bust for Liam, and dog handler Justin sniffs out the truth when a mum and son tell some porkies over who a crashed a car.
Episode 12 13x12
Liam and police dog Titan are tracking suspects in a full-scale manhunt. Paul takes two drug dealers by surprise, and a man needs to be rescued from the River Wear. In Darlington, Damo finds a man unconscious after a punch-up and a suspicious driver tries to outfox the interceptors.
Episode 11 13x11
Paul takes the lead in a dangerous high-speed pursuit through the streets of Stockton-on-Tees, while Justin is put in severe danger by a man who has allegedly been threatening the public with a dirty hypodermic needle. Damo leads the firearms team on a raid of a house where a man has been seen with a gun, and Spike hunts down a car, the owner of which is wanted for burglary and fuel theft.
Episode 10 13x10
The pursuit of a white van tearing up the turf in Willington proves to be a family affair, a two-year-old German shepherd cross named Titan earns his spurs, and Paul is sent on a roundabout hunt for a drunk driver. And Sam discusses police policy with a disqualified driver who won't accept he's in the wrong.
Episode 9 13x09
Dog handler Darren has to call on all his powers of persuasion to try to end a rooftop stand-off, while Steve is forced to use his pepper spray when a suspect refuses to come quietly, and Tasers are drawn in a tense situation with a man who is armed with a knife.
Episode 8 13x08
A door knock arrest snowballs into a fire-arms stand-off for Damo, Spike uncovers a stash of cannabis stored with lethal shotguns, police dog Ronnie lands right on top of a wanted man, and Ben legs it after a runaway driver.
Young and Reckless 13x07
The interceptors take on youngsters who cause carnage on our roads and put themselves and others in danger. Spike and dog handler Ian pursue a 20 year old drunk driver into a traveller's site. Ben goes head to head with a speeding boy racer.
After Dark 13x06
Presenters Rick Edwards and Ortis Delay are out with the police interceptors as they tackle the difficult night shift. Ortis is with Spike as they pursue a fleeing car that drives into a dead end, while Rick is with dog handler Ian as they're called to back up the firearms squad.
Future Crime 13x05
As criminals use ever more hi-tech means to break the law, the police must employ their own array of gadgets, from thermal imaging cameras to drones.

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