Follow the action-packed lives of the high-speed police interception unit. Led by specially trained officers and equipped with the fastest vehicles in the force, the team tackles the most difficult-to-catch criminals on a daily basis. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Episode 16 16x16
Episode 15 16x15
Episode 14 16x14
Dog handler Duncan and the firearms team find themselves in a tense stand-off with suspected drug dealers who could be armed, with German shepherd Ti sent in to search and discovering more than the unit bargained for. Steve has to deal with two teens, one who has crashed a stolen car, and the other who has been involved in a bar brawl, while Kev is poised to take out a car with a stinger.
Episode 13 16x13
A gang of burglars breaks into a house and takes the keys to luxury cars. After the thieves flee in three stolen vehicles, multiple teams hunt them down with the police chopper. The first burglar is caught after a lengthy pursuit of a stolen Mercedes, which he abandons before running straight into the path of waiting officers. Once the occupants of a second stolen Merc are apprehended by the chopper team, Ben and Warren go after the third vehicle - which they are stunned to witness burst into flames.
Episode 12 16x12
Kev and Spenner go in pursuit of a driver who is so drunk that he can't even keep his car on the road and the chase ends with shocking results. Elsewhere, dog handler Tony encounters a naked man stranded at the side of the road, and Sophie is forced to buy a treat for the entire team due to a rookie mistake.
Episode 11 16x11
Episode 10 16x10
A white van man makes a break for it after ploughing into a parked car, a suspect is not keen on wearing a set of cuffs, and the driver of a stolen car is brought to a halt thanks to some railings.
Episode 9 16x09
A reckless driver gives Sergeant Steve the slip in bad weather. Ben has a run-in with an argumentative drink driver who fails three breath tests.
Episode 8 16x08
A runaway driver flees an accident in a decommissioned ambulance, on the wrong side of the road, then crashes through a level crossing and ditches his ride on a live railway line. While a chopper tracks the suspect, cops frantically battle to close the railway line before a train ploughs through.
Episode 7 16x07
Interceptor Mick leads a team raiding two flats whose occupants are suspected of producing and selling spice. Duncan is involved in a high-speed pursuit, which ends with tracker dog Tia on the escaping offender's trail.

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