Follow the action-packed lives of the high-speed police interception unit. Led by specially trained officers and equipped with the fastest vehicles in the force, the team tackles the most difficult-to-catch criminals on a daily basis. Add to my shows

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Episode 11 16x11

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Episode 10 16x10
Episode 9 16x09
Episode 8 16x08
Episode 7 16x07
Episode 6 16x06
Episode 5 16x05
Episode 4 16x04
Ben and Matt find themselves on a high-speed pursuit which ends up on a road to nowhere, Kev and Spenner assist in a TPAC, while Carl and Wayne nearly become victims of a white-van man's dangerous driving.
Episode 3 16x03
A suspect assaults Steve with his car keys, Charlie and Paul pursue a Corsa that stole fuel, and Chris and Sophie spot a bunny-hopping learner driver who already has eight points on his provisional license.
Episode 2 16x02
Pursued by a helicopter and a team of armed response vehicles, two men armed with machetes and a sawn-off shotgun make a dramatic escape on a motorbike. Dog handler Duncan joins the firearms squad to close the area and help hunt the villains.
Episode 1 16x01
Eight police cars and the eye in the sky hunt down a high powered Porsche Cayenne that is causing carnage. Undertaking at high speeds and goading the interceptors, the driver even manages to take out several police cars.

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