Follow the action-packed lives of the high-speed police interception unit. Led by specially trained officers and equipped with the fastest vehicles in the force, the team tackles the most difficult-to-catch criminals on a daily basis. Add to my shows

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Episode 6 15x06

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Episode 5 15x05
Episode 4 15x04
Episode 3 15x03
Episode 2 15x02
Episode 1 15x01
Episode 13 14x13
For the first time, a pursuit is filmed from the suspect's perspective. Plus Liam and sniffer dog Louis help uncover thousands in cash and a รบ1/2m of class-A drugs.
Episode 12 14x12
Episode 11 14x11
Episode 10 14x10
Chris and the team are in pursuit of a stolen Mazda M3, and the driver disappears into an industrial area. Chris' tracker dog Ronny has a twitchy nose but will this canine crime fighter manage to track down the villain?
Episode 9 14x09
Dog handler Darren calls on all his powers of persuasions to try and end a roof-top stand-off. Spike breaks out a drug wipe for a teenage tearaway on two wheels, but will the biker heed his dad's wise words? Steve is forced to use his pepper spray when a suspect refuses to come quietly. And tasers are drawn in a tense stand-off with a man armed with a knife.

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