Played tracks the CIU (Covert Investigations Unit) as it risks going undercover to infiltrate and bring down criminal organizations. In this new style of intense, short-term undercover work, each covert "play" is crafted quickly and executed at an even faster pace. Placed into various worlds of crime without a safety net, the cops are in constant danger, as they repeatedly go off the grid. Wearing wires, coaxing confessions, and setting up stings, the cops of the CIU must think quickly, talk smoothly, and rely on pure instinct. They slip in and out of characters so often that, sometimes, they lose track of who they really are. The team of highly-skilled and brave detectives is led by John Moreland, a cop at the top of his game with great instincts who is usually in charge... Until the new CIU is established and consummate strategist Rebecca Ellis is given the reigns. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Revenge 01x13
An armed robber who was arrested eight years earlier is released on parole and seeks revenge on Moreland.
Hitmen 01x12
The C.I.U. team works with a hit man to infiltrate a biker gang that's hired him to kill innocent people.
Untouchables 01x11
A trafficking network that has been operating with diplomatic immunity is uncovered during a C.I.U. investigation of a murder at an Eastern European consulate.
Secrets 01x10
Rebecca crosses a line in the pursuit of justice.
Cops 01x09
The C.I.U. investigates police corruption in Daniel's old unit.
Poison 01x08
Khali and Jesse go undercover to investigate a series of murders at an illegal after-hours club.
Cars 01x07
A young thief helps Maria crack down on an auto-theft ring.
Fights 01x06
Jesse and Moreland try to break up a fight club that's protected by an unscrupulous police officer.
Guns 01x05
Jesse goes into his old neighborhood to investigate the source of deadly assault rifles.
Lawyers 01x04
The team deal with a toxic law firm while investigating a litigator's mysterious disappearance.

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