Planet Earth Live is presented by Richard Hammond and Julia Bradbury. They join up with the some of the world’s best natural history film-makers to create the most ambitious live wildlife series ever produced. Add to my shows

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season 2

A Meerkat's Tale 02x05
The cameras follow the daily struggles of Swift, a five-week-old meerkat who has been born into a severe drought in southern Africa's Kalahari Desert. The pup and its family needs to negotiate busy roads and venture into the hostile territories of rival meerkats, while also avoiding predators along the way.
An Elephant's Tale 02x04
The cameras follow the fortunes of Zadie and her baby calf Maya as they face many threats as live their everyday lives.
A Monkey's Tale 02x03
Gremlin is a baby toque macaque and was born into a troop of 70 monkeys who live amongst spectacular ruined temples in northern Sri Lanka. Life is going to be tough for this little monkey.
A Lion's Tale 02x02
The cameras follow the fortunes of lion Nyota and her cub Moja in Kenya.
A Tale of Three Bears 02x01
Julia and wildlife expert Lynn Rogers are in the Northwoods of Minnesota as they follow the fortunes of three black bear cubs and find out about the dangers they face in the wild.

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