Pit Bulls & Parolees follows the turbulent drama and bittersweet moments as ex-convicts and ill-reputed dogs come together to strengthen one another. Sharing the same dominant traits of a pit bull -- determination, agility, strength and energy -- Torres has the power to make a positive change for the prison community and the dog world. Watch as one woman pulls the weight of 1,000 men to fulfill her dream of saving pit bulls from dangerous situations and giving parolees a chance to repair their reputations and their lives. Add to my shows

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Sound Of Silence 17x09

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Life In A Cage 17x08
Evading Capture 17x07
Befriending A Beast 17x06
After rescuing 30 hybrid wolf-dogs, Tia, Tania, and the twins return to Texas. In the French Quarter, the pandemic has forced Tia to shut down her restaurant, and Toney and Earl band together to deliver meals to the elderly using Tahyo Tavern's resources.
Diamond In The Rough 17x05
In the midst of the global pandemic, Tia and Mariah must shut down their beloved restaurant and boutique, but they look to a new beginning; a Villalobos senior canine veteran finally finds a forever home.
Earl's Path 17x04
Nearly a year has passed since beloved parolee Earl's run-in with the law. Earl and Toney join forces to rescue a canine from an abandoned home, while Mariah is forced to make a difficult decision for her fur-baby Tater.
No Wolf Left Behind 17x03
When over 50 hybrid hounds are found abandoned in Texas, Tia is faced with her most challenging rescue to date and is determined to find the best solution before it's too late.
Invisible Enemy 17x02
Tragedy strikes after Tia and M2 agree to take two emaciated hounds from a rural shelter. Mariah and Lizzy give two special dogs a happily ever after while working through the chaos of the global pandemic, and M2 reveals an exciting new life chapter.
200th Episode 17x01
The Villalobos crew celebrates 200 episodes and recount precious memories. From Mariah's beauty pageant days, to memorable rescues. like Walter and Buffy. They reminisce on what it was like to film and the highs and lows of living the rescue life.
Invisible Enemy 16x11
200th Episode 16x10

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