Pet School is a children's series which sees different children finding out what it takes to look after animals. For two weeks, nine kids work and play alongside a menagerie of different animals. Their goal is to convince their parents they’ve got what it takes to have their own animal companion. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Series 2, Episode 10 02x10
It's the decision day and the parents make their final decisions on their children's responsibilities.
Series 2, Episode 9 02x09
On parents day the kids try and impress their mums and dads and prove they are responsible enough to look after an animal.
Series 2, Episode 8 02x08
George Sear brings his dog in. Plus pregnant guinea pigs.
Series 2, Episode 7 02x07
Their's a disaster with the reptiles. Plus we find out more about hearing dogs puppies.
Series 2, Episode 6 02x06
Dan and Greg from District 3 show off their pet gerbils. The pet heads swap the animals they have been responsible for.
Series 2, Episode 5 02x05
Todays focus is fish and the pet heads get very wet.
Series 2, Episode 4 02x04
Casey Stoney and her dog Ralphy show off some doggy football tricks.
Series 2, Episode 3 02x03
The Chickens cause problems and two very large guests make an appearance.
Series 2, Episode 2 02x02
Noah Marullo drops by with his cat Leo. Plus problems with the gerbils.
Series 2, Episode 1 02x01
Nine new contestants take part in the competition. But not everyone is pleased with their new pet companion.

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