When Kim starts dating Danny he seems too good to be true – a successful lawyer, charming, and single. Then, she discovers he's already committed – to his two older brothers, Sheldon and Ryan Will Danny ever grow up and be his own man? Or will Kim have to accept that his brothers are part of a "package deal"? Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

The Break Up, Part 2 02x13
The Break Up, Part 1 02x12
Storage Lore 02x11
Tea for Too Few 02x10
Everybody Loves Beth 02x09
Downton Danny 02x08
When Ryan fills in for an intern at Danny's work, Danny suddenly has access to the best office gossip. There's only one rule: don't break the "intern code".
Two Half Men 02x07
When Ryan and Sheldon discover they are dating the same woman, they learn they are two halves of the perfect man.
The Imperfect Storm 02x06
When Ryan befriends his hero, a local celebrity weatherman who turns out to be an annoying jackass, Ryan is left looking for ways to shake this new friendship.
Danny's New Job 02x05
Danny takes a new job at a huge law firm, and is disturbed when no matter how hard he tries; he can't seem to get his new boss to like him.
How I Met Your Brother 02x04
When Danny and Kim tell the story of how they met, they learn the circumstances of their first date were very different than either had thought

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