When manager Todd Dempsy returns to work after management training, he learns that the Mid America Novelties call center has been outsourced to Mumbai, India. In order to keep his job, Todd is left no choice but to relocate to India. There he meets his eclectic group of employees, and soon realizes that teaching them to understand America will be the first of many hurdles that he needs to overcome. Todd also discovers other foreign transplants working in his office building, including American expatriate Charlie Davies who runs the All American Hunter call center, and Tonya a beautiful Australian who runs the call center for Koala Air. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Rajiv Ties the Baraat (2) 01x22
Rajiv gets cold feet after learning more about his intended, but Todd tries to persuade him to go through with the ceremony in the Season 1 finale. Elsewhere, Madhuri and Asha realize Manmeet and his new girlfriend aren't on the same page about their relationship.
Rajiv Ties the Baraat (1) 01x21
Rajiv's bachelor party hits a few snags despite Todd's best efforts. Elsewhere, Manmeet anxiously awaits his girlfriend's arrival, and Madhuri's crush is revealed.
Mama Sutra 01x20
Tonya's mom visits once again, and Todd is determined to make a better impression this time around. But Todd soon discovers a secret about the woman that complicates his goal. Elsewhere, Madhuri reads her coworkers' palms.
Charlie Curries a Favor from Todd 01x19
Todd hires Charlie after he loses his job, but Charlie has trouble relinquishing his role as manager. Adding to his troubles, Charlie also goes through a midlife crisis. Elsewhere, Rajiv raises money for his honeymoon with an unusual scheme.
Gupta's Hit & Manmeet's Missus 01x18
Todd mediates a dispute between Rajiv and Gupta but has trouble determining who's to blame, forcing him to seek help from human resources. Elsewhere, Charlie helps Manmeet make a video for his American girlfriend.
Todd's Holi War 01x17
Todd and his crew battle over air conditioning after the A-team sabotages theirs during a heat wave. Elsewhere, Rajiv arranges a holiday surprise for his girlfriend, but the plan hits a snag.
Take This Punjab and Shove It 01x16
Todd interviews job candidates to fill a newly vacated spot in the call center. After wading through the applicants, he finds an ideal employee, only to have his choice poached by someone else. Elsewhere, Gupta gets into hot water with a loan shark.
Guess Who's Coming to Delhi 01x15
Todd's boss, Jerry, visits India with his mind set on partying. But while babysitting a drunk Jerry, Todd ends up in trouble with Tonya. Elsewhere, Charlie asks Gupta to teach him about Indian culture after he's deemed culturally insensitive by human resources.
The Todd Couple 01x14
Todd leads anger-management training to improve the staff's customer-service skills, but he's surprised to learn that Gupta is in need of the most help. Elsewhere, Madhuri receives a Valentine's Day gift from a secret beau.
Training Day 01x13
An off-site team-building retreat goes awry when the staffers' train breaks down, forcing Todd to conduct the bonding exercises onboard. When he fails to lift their spirits, Todd devises a plan to bring his employees together by turning them against him. Elsewhere, Tonya tries to help Charlie get a date.

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