When Breanna convinces her mother to let her stay in Baltimore with her father Flex, neither expected what a wild ride the next four years would be. Flex dealt with scorned girlfriends, a return to professional basketball and job changes. While Breanna dealt with a new school, boys,jealous girls and the advance of Arnaz Ballard. When Breanna and Arnaz graduated high school, the two headed to California to meet up with a new cast of characters. It was there when the two took a deeper look into their relationship. Add to my shows

season 4

The Graduates 04x22
Breanna finally reveals her college plans after learning what her parents did to get Arnaz to break up with her.
Cap And Frown 04x21
Nicole returns in hopes of getting Breanna to head to college in California instead of staying with Arnaz.
Save The First Dance 04x20
Spirit goes to the prom in a dress that she originally designed for Breanna, Meanwhile Flex uses the school's prom as to make for the one Danielle never attended.
Glug, Glug 04x19
A-Train cancels his date with Spirit after her refusal of sex and she decides to get drunk during the Senior party. Meanwhile Dwayne and Flex deal with a young man trying to rob them at while Candy and Danielle thinking they are being stood up.
Accidental Love (2) 04x18
Flex's feeling for Tonya get cloudy as he learns about Danielle's feelings for him. Meanwhile Arnaz is tired of Breanna's quest to be the school's "cutest couple" for the yearbook.
Accidental Love (1) 04x17
A car accident has Flex returning to his old girlfriend, Tonya, and upsets Danielle, who realizes she loves Flex.
Contract High 04x16
Flex gets a new agent in the quest for more money as Spirit thinks about giving up fashion design. She discovers that someone has stolen some of her designs.
Rock and a Hard Place 04x15
Spirit is torn between supporting Arnaz and his band or A-Train and his band in the school's battle of the bands.
Lock Blockin' 04x14
Duane tries to get Flex out of his depressed state by taking him to a New Edition concert.
Goodbye, Mr. Chips 04x13
Flex brings Duane with him to the annual celebrity poker tournament. Flex pays against Kevin Frazier. Meanwhile, Arnaz misreads Breanna's signals about spending time alone, which leads him to believe that she is ready to have sex with him.
Shock Jock 04x12
Flex makes some sexist comments on his show and puts Breanan's college career in jeopardy as Duane tries to gets rid of the uniforms Spirit made for his business.
Mojo No Mo 04x11
Breanna isn't too happy that Arnaz decides to take gig on New Year's Eve, instead of spending it with her. Flex and Duane for New Year's Eve as their plans for dates go wrong.
Lost In The Headlights 04x10
Breanna decided to stuff her bra to get a commercial with a movie-themed restaurant that features women as the main attraction.
Who Brought The Jive Turkey? 04x09
Breanna's plans for a romantic Thanksgiving dinner with Arnaz goes south as his friends show up. Flex encounters a support group of all the women he dated.
Daddy's Home 04x08
Arnaz gets a new singer for the band and Breanna isn't too happy about it. Since she thinks that the singer has more than music on her mind with Arnaz.
You Don't Have To Go Home... 04x07
Arnaz has to turn to his father for help after Miss Swann discovers that he is homeless. His father refuses to help him unless he is willing to work for the family business.
Manic Monday 04x06
For Halloween Flex and Breanna get a spell cast on them and switch bodies to learn about each other from the other's point of view.
Rock The Vote 04x05
Breanna is excited about being able to vote for the first time, however she may have to cast that vote against her own cousin.
Dirty Laundry 04x04
Breanna and Flex decide to see Danielle, the new attractive family therapist, who has moved into their building. In order to settle their issues with each other.
Follow That Car 04x03
Flex goes to great lengths to keep an eye on Breanna and Arnaz, who finally come clean to him about dating each other.
Zen Daddy 04x02
Flex's plans to save the syndication deal for his show are changed by Matt's new girlfriend, who is slated to be the new co-host.
We'll Take Manhattan 04x01
The kids arrive in New York and discover becoming famous isn't as easy as it seems. Meanwhile Flex, Leilani and Duane search for the kids as Duane keeps seeing Candy everywhere.

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