When Breanna convinces her mother to let her stay in Baltimore with her father Flex, neither expected what a wild ride the next four years would be. Flex dealt with scorned girlfriends, a return to professional basketball and job changes. While Breanna dealt with a new school, boys,jealous girls and the advance of Arnaz Ballard. When Breanna and Arnaz graduated high school, the two headed to California to meet up with a new cast of characters. It was there when the two took a deeper look into their relationship. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

I Love L.A., Part 2 05x22
Breanna mistakenly says Arnaz's name while kissing Calvin, it forces she to realize that she may not be over her relationship with Arnaz. Arnaz has other plans after he decides to follow Michelle to Paris. Lisa realizes that the love of her life in right in front of her and Sara's attempts at bedding Andrew backfire when she learns the truth about him.
I Love L.A., Part 1 05x21
Breanna is using the boyfriend test she saw on a daytime talk show to see if Calvin is worthwhile to date, Arnaz finds himself getting jealous of her relationship until D-Mack’s sister Michelle comes back from Paris and their old feelings for each other are rekindled. Meanwhile, Sara is confused when the doctor she is dating only seems interested in getting to know her, not sleeping with her. Later, an agent convinces Cash to become a model with some unexpected results.
Double Trouble 05x20
Breanna regrets lifting the ban on dates in the house when Arnaz brings his latest girlfriend to the house. Meanwhile Breanna's Uncle Kevin and Darius try to sell his products in Los Angeles.
California Girl 05x19
When Arnaz decides to spend a weekend away with his new girlfriend Rachel, he is disappointed when he discovers that Breanna has planned a girls weekend with Lisa and Sara at the same place. Meanwhile, Cash and D-Mack pretend to run a Bed and Breakfast at the house to get two hot Australian volleyball players to stay over.
The Reel World 05x18
When Cash attempts to make a movie based on his roommates' lives, he gets more than he asked for when Breanna attempts to re-write their roles, but when Cash insists on sticking to the original script, she leads the whole cast off the set. Later, after the roommates quit the production, Cash is forced to re-cast his movie with some of Manny's strange friends.
Recipe for Disaster 05x17
Breanna gets jealous after she pairs Arnaz up with a girl at a party. Meanwhile Sara tries to win over a chef named Renalto by having hiim cook for the gang.
Dump Me? Dump You! 05x16
The break up turns into a fight over who broke up with who first. Breanna get jealous as Arnaz appears to have moved on from her with Michelle.
Tijuana Break Up? 05x15
While Breanna and Arnaz agree to see other people, a new test in that agreement comes in the forms of D-Mack's sister, Michelle and Greg. Meanwhile the others hoard feud as both sides are disagreeing on who should go to the store for groceries.
Espresso Your Love 05x14
Breanna and Arnaz 's efforts tohelp Sara launch her dating service backfire as they discover they are complete opposites after taking a compatibility test on Valentine's Day.
Fame and the Older Woman 05x13
D-Mack mistakes his French tutor's flirting as a sign that she likes him. So he starts stalking her when he thinks she is seeing another man. Breanna and Arnaz wants thier roommates to attend thier events, however both events are on the same night.

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