Once Upon a Time is Fairy Tale Land. It's filled with magic, monsters and all of the characters we all know from stories growing up. It's real, and so are the people in it. But unlike the "happily ever after" you may have heard about, their stories continued, and The Evil Queen cast a Dark Curse over the land...This is Storybrooke. It's a quiet, little New England town filled with people who go about their everyday lives with no idea who they really are. The Queen's Curse has trapped them here and placed her in near-complete control. They have no real memories and no real hope. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Leaving Storybrooke 07x22
The Wish Rumplestiltskin crafts magical prisons for all of his adversaries, and needs Young Henry to kill Regina so that he can send everyone. To stop him, Gold and Hook must make the ultimate sacrifice.
Homecoming 07x21
Henry is barely reunited with his family, when the Wish Rumplestiltskin kidnaps them to force Henry to make a deal with him. Regina, Gold, and Hook vow to help him defeat the Dark One. In the past, the Wish Rumplestiltskin offers a young Henry a deal.
Is This Henry Mills? 07x20
Regina and Lucy try to find a way to restore Henry's memories and break the curse before it's too late. In the past, Young Henry considers his future and receives a surprising phone call.
Flower Child 07x19
Tilly and Rogers go looking for the covens, unaware of a traitor nearby. Meanwhile, Samdi and Lucy team up to save Henry when the curse ends, but things don't go as planned. In the past, Gothel is given good reason to hate humanity.
The Guardian 07x18
While Tilly and Margot spend the day together, Weaver discovers that someone has taken the Dagger and tries to find it. In the past, Gold tests Alice to determine if she is the Guardian, and faces a test of his own.
Chosen 07x17
The Candy Killer holds Henry captive, but Rogers realizes that Henry has been abducted. Meanwhile, Zelena tries to make up for her past, but the Candy Killer won't let it go.
Breadcrumbs 07x16
In the past, Henry asks for Hook's help finding a ring with a story to give to Ella. In the present, Henry gets a job offer in New York, but first Weaver asks for his help figuring out who the Candy Killer is. Meanwhile, Tilly gets a new job, and Zelena and Margot have an argument.
Sisterhood 07x15
Ivy tries to make amends with Anastasia, while Henry, Rogers, and Nate go out on the town. In the past, Drizella joins forces with another young witch to win Gothel's contest and join the Coven.
The Girl in the Tower 07x14
Rogers and Henry try to find a way to clear Tilly of Hilda's murder. In the past, Alice escapes the tower and discovers that she's still trapped, and teams up with Robin to defeat a troll threatening a nearby village.
Knightfall 07x13
Tilly warns Rogers and Gold not to trust Gothel, and is soon framed for a crime she didn't commit. Meanwhile, Ivy takes Henry's advice and reaches out to Jacinda. In the past, Hook seeks out Captain Ahab, who holds the key to freeing Alice from the tower.

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