Led by Emmy Award-winning journalist Paula Zahn, On the Case features in-depth interviews and original reporting that go beyond the headlines in search of fascinating mysteries from within our nation's justice system. Each episode is highlighted by Zahn's riveting exclusive interviews, which draw out different viewpoints from the people personally connected to tragedies that rocked their local community and the investigations that attempted to piece together the truth On the Case with Paula Zahn. Add to my shows

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Rocky Mountain Mystery 18x12

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Cloud Of Darkness 18x11
The Truth Never Dies 18x10
When a young woman is found shot to death in her home, police are baffled; then a cryptic letter from a mysterious source sends the investigation down a twisting road to the truth.
Never The Same 18x09
A woman and her teenage daughter are savagely murdered in their own home; police find clues at the crime scene, including a bloody bare footprint and an unharmed 3-year-old girl with a heartbreaking story.
Before Her Eyes 18x08
A teenage couple out on a date are ambushed by a gun-wielding madman; the lone survivor's heartbreaking account may hold the key to bringing a cold-blooded killer to justice.
A Handful Of Coins 18x07
Smoke And Lies 18x06
Good Morning, Goodnight And Goodbye 18x05
Rumors Lies And Murder 18x04
Two sisters are found murdered in a heart-breaking double homicide. The evidence police discover paint a grim picture of the crime but will it lead them to the killer?
While Her Children Slept 18x03
After a four-year-old girl finds her mother's lifeless body, police must try to unravel a puzzling mystery. A murder investigation in which they must rule out multiple solid suspects before they arrive at the unlikely killer.
She's Gone 18x02
When a young girl kidnapped from her bed in the middle of the night is found dead in a nearby canal, it marks the beginning of one of Salt Lake City's most notorious child murder investigations.

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