Follow the action-packed adventure of four teenage boys who return from a school excursion to discover they're stuck in a parallel world into which they were never born. Add to my shows

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Battle for Negative Space: Off the Map 04x08

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Battle for Negative Space: Keep Your Friends Close 04x07
Battle for Negative Space: Mistaken Id-entity 04x06
Battle for Negative Space: Stranger Danger 04x05
Battle for Negative Space: The Cool Guy 04x04
Battle for Negative Space: Lost in Negative Space 04x03
Battle for Negative Space: Secrets, Lies, and Parasites 04x02
Battle for Negative Space: We Are Not Alone Anymore 04x01
Two Moons Rising: The Battle For Bremin 03x13
People are disappearing and all is not right with Nicco's sister, Kayla. Realising she has part of the Demon inside, the gang trek to the forest to fight the Demon while it's incomplete. But Luke's parents have disappeared and he can't control his power. Will he get it together in time?
Two Moons Rising: Birth Of The Mega Demon 03x12
The gang are on the hunt for the missing talisman. They realise Kayla has it, but it's too late, she's been tricked by bad Ben and gets sucked inside the Demon egg. Will Nicco be able to get her sister out without unleashing the Demon on the world?
Two Moons Rising: The Search For Atridax 03x11
The bags with the Atridax are missing and the gang want to use magic to find them, but Luke's under house arrest. Luke makes a trust deal with his father and the gang retrieve the bags only to have them stolen.

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