This spring, the hottest pair in Polish show business: Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan and Radosław Majdan will set off on an amazing journey around the world. It will be the most unpredictable, amazing and unforgettable experience in their lives. But marriage is a team game. How will Małgosia and Radek find themselves in it? Will they really do everything for themselves?There are places you will not find in guidebooks. There are people you will not read about in books and challenges that no one has ever taken. There are ten best and most interesting destinations on the travel map of Małgosia and Radek Majdanów. Over the last months, the "secret project" arousing a lot of emotions has become their everyday life. Its rules are very simple - they get to know the destination at the last minute, and the tasks to be completed only when they arrive. From that moment there is no turning back. Those on their own will have to find a new situation. Each challenge is a test of determination, endurance, patience, courage, smartness and mutual trust. The Las Vegas wrestling gala, the escape from a desert island, the fight against fire are just some of the crazy challenges taken by Iron Majdan. Will they be able to complete all the tasks? Will they overcome their fear and cross their borders? How much will they do for themselves and does their "iron" feeling really connect? Add to my shows

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