In the state of Maine, the elite Game Warden Service patrols more than eighteen million acres of rugged terrain filled with wild animals... and wild people. Each Autumn brings the hunting season, the Warden's busiest and most dangerous time of year. These 'State Police of the Woods' never know what to expect from one moment to the next. North Woods Law follows Maine's elite Game Wardens as they navigate the Pine Tree State's rugged terrain and twisted back roads. This year the wardens cover deer, moose, and fowl hunting seasons - the busiest and most perilous times of the year. Each punch of the time clock is a ticket to extreme danger and drama as undercover stings and intense rescues are all in a day's work. Whether they're tracking bears on dangerous mountains or busting drunk drivers on ATVs, the Maine Game Wardens risk life and limb to protect animals and serve the people of Maine. Add to my shows

season 7

Homecoming 07x11
The game wardens bring closure at long last to one of the most confounding mysteries in Maine Warden Service history. They later reflect on their years of service.
Buck Fever 07x10
In the final week of Maine's deer season, some hunters are desperate to bag a buck. Warden Robertson confronts a felon with an illegal gun and a pile of bait. Warden Carter investigates teen hunters terrorizing a neighborhood.
Shifting Gears 07x09
A stolen ATV steers Parker through a maze of suspects. Carter races to a domestic violence dispute. Marquis and Fitzpatrick set up a sting for a suspected night hunter.
Crossed Wires 07x08
McKenney and Robertson investigate a night hunting complaint. MacCabe tracks an illegal bear kill back to the source. K9 Tundra takes the lead in the harrowing search for a missing elderly man with dementia.
Baiters Beware 07x07
Fair chase is the gold standard of hunting, and in Maine, it's the law. Sgt. Simmons and Warden McKenney pursue brothers with bait piles. Warden Carter hunts for a father who may be teaching his son to poach. Warden Cross snares a trap thief.
The Big Bad Woods 07x06
Anything can happen in Maine's rugged wilderness. Angry hunters get loud with Warden Lounder over an illegal deer. Warden MacCabe enlists a 90-year-old local to help catch a deer baiter. A missing hunter sets off a full-scale search.
Excuses, Excuses 07x05
Hunting season heats up. Warden Herring calls in the air wing to track illegal activity on a game preserve. Warden Blanchard catches an intentional violator red-handed. Wardens Carter and McBrine execute a search warrant on a known poacher.
Dead Moose Talking 07x04
The wardens wage a large-scale investigation into a moose that's been shot and left in the woods. A camouflaged ATV leads Warden Richardson to a convicted felon. Warden MacCabe runs across a hunter unlike any other.
Weed it and Reap 07x03
Harvest season is the game wardens' busiest time. Warden Dudley helps an Amish family save their corn crop from a bear. Wardens Carter and McBrine hunt for a man hiding out in a cabin. Sergeant Thrasher searches for an illegal marijuana crop grower.
Antlers and Antics 07x02
Sergeant Spahr and Warden Lounder chase down a fleeing ATV. Warden Pelkey sends his K9 in search of evidence over a suspiciously shot moose. And, Warden MacCabe wrangles a tangled great blue heron.
Long Shot 07x01
In the season premiere, Simmons, Parker and Robertson catch sportsmen who fired from inside their truck while Spahr leads the search for a missing elderly woman in York County.

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