In the state of Maine, the elite Game Warden Service patrols more than eighteen million acres of rugged terrain filled with wild animals... and wild people. Each Autumn brings the hunting season, the Warden's busiest and most dangerous time of year. These 'State Police of the Woods' never know what to expect from one moment to the next. North Woods Law follows Maine's elite Game Wardens as they navigate the Pine Tree State's rugged terrain and twisted back roads. This year the wardens cover deer, moose, and fowl hunting seasons - the busiest and most perilous times of the year. Each punch of the time clock is a ticket to extreme danger and drama as undercover stings and intense rescues are all in a day's work. Whether they're tracking bears on dangerous mountains or busting drunk drivers on ATVs, the Maine Game Wardens risk life and limb to protect animals and serve the people of Maine. Add to my shows

season 4

Hot on the Heels 04x23
As hunting season winds down, the game wardens look out for overeager sportsmen bending the rules. Warden Fitzpatrick catches a Canadian hunter posing as an American. Wardens Parker and Buuck bring a fugitive night hunter to justice.
Wild Moose Chase 04x22
Fall brings the beginning of the great Maine moose season. Ride along with Warden MacCabe on his unbelievable six-day moose hunt. Wardens investigate a double moose kill, the granddaddy of wildlife crimes, and search for the source of mysterious shots.
Brawl in the Family 04x21
At the start of hunting season in Maine, the wardens nab violators who are illegally illuminating wildlife, firing guns from their vehicles, and hunting over baited deer stands. Warden Lounder finds himself in a dangerous situation when he is surrounded.
Judgment Day 04x20
Autumn in Maine keeps the wardens busy, as hunters head for the woods. Some sportsmen obey the rules; others try to evade them. Sergeant Simmons and Warden McKenney investigate a case about a poached moose.
Rapid Responders 04x19
Water recreation season has the wardens out in full force. The Dive Team suits up to respond to an emeergency search and recovery call. An ATV rider with a camera on his helmet films his own crash. Undercover safety patrols lead to potential OUI busts.
'Tis the Season 04x18
Holiday season for the warden finds Pete Herring visiting a children's hospital in Portland with members of the K-9 unit; and Alan Curtis donating game to a soup kitchen. Meanwhile, Scott Thrasher invites everyone to his home for a potluck supper.
Passing the Torch 04x17
Warden Blanchard shows a high school student there is no such thing as a boring day on the job. Warden LaFlamme is promoted to Corporal of Landowner Relations and passes the responsibilities of his district on to Warden Lounder.
Wild Kingdom 04x16
Moose, bear and deer are what usually come to mind when thinking about Maine's wildlife, but sometimes, exotic animals make their way into the state. The wardens have to be prepared for any situation. Sergeant Spahr wrangles a Boa Constrictor.
High Jinks 04x15
The wardens contend with illegal marijuana all across the state. Hidden in large tracts of land, and often protected by armed individuals, searching these illicit grow sites is dangerous work. An ATV crash involving three teens stumps the wardens.
Star Spangled Weekend 04x14
Fourth of July is one of the biggest weekends of the year in Maine and crowds are out to celebrate. Warden Ryan Fitzpatrick and Caribou PD join forces when a group of fifty teens trash private property during a wild bonfire party.
Night and Day 04x13
Spring turkey hunting season and smelt runs have the wardens working night and day. Poached turkeys lead to a search warrant and stakeout for the suspects. Several animals are encountered including orphaned baby foxes, nuisance beavers and a python.
Trail of Trouble 04x12
An ATV trail becomes the site of a high-speed chase when a man with an outstanding warrant attempts to flee from the Maine Warden Service. With the weather wamring up, the wardens deal with intentional violators and serial offenders while enforcing laws.
All Hands On Deck 04x11
When a boy goes missing the entire warden service turns out for a massive multi-day search effort. A second search for a lost hiker stretched the wardens to the limit .A stakeout of salmon poachers catches a pair in the act. A new K-9 is trained.
Distress Call 04x10
When the change in seasons brings warm weather in Maine, a game warden's job changes too. Sergeant Spahr helps a fledgling owl that has taken a tumble and Warden Stevens and a medical team hike into the night to locate a distressed hiker.
Take the Plunge 04x09
Spring arrives and things start plunging through the ice. The wardens investigate a case of injured bald eagles. A sled sinks into a partially frozen river under suspicious circumstances. A deer carcass has the wardens searching for a poacher.
Moose on the Loose 04x08
Teams use helicopters to radio-collar moose. The wardens rescue two skiers lost in the backcountry. A drunk sledder is caught and blames his nephew. A warden extinguishes a barn fire. A man with outstanding poaching warrants is arrested.
Man vs Animal 04x07
As Winter melts into Spring, all kinds of wildlife are emerging, from baby raccoons to hungry black bears. A routine littering summonsturns into a face off with a rabid pitbull. Some new evidence comes to light to revive an old deer poaching case.
Outfoxed 04x06
The start of the busy tourist season has the wardens out in full force. A dangerous fox is on the loose in a crowded campground-the wardens need to find it fast. An ATV rider appears to have been partying too hard and nearly causes a wipe out.
Cold As Ice 04x05
A smartphone with video evidence of a crime leads to a poacher. Two drunk sledders run over a warden and are chased through the woods. Herring hunts down a man that he knows with arrest warrants.LaFlamme helps a herd of deer in distress.
Throttle Out 04x04
A sledder takes a jump that lands him in the hospital and the wardens investigate the crash. The wardens chase down a group of drunk snowmobilers. A strange pile of animal parts in the snow leads the wardens to a family of poachers.
The End is Near 04x03
A Facebook post leads the wardens to a gang of poachers, when the ringleader skips bail they embark on a manhunt. The wardens capture a flock of nuisance wild turkeys and search all night for a rabbit hunter lost in the snowy woods.
Just One More 04x02
The rule is clear, one hunter one deer. But some hunters are greedy and the wardens are there to stop them. A deputy joins his first night hunting stakeout, LaFlamme searches for an arrow that can help solve a mystery, and a family covers up a crime.
Cheaters 04x01
A notorious gang of poachers is up to their old tricks, the wardens stop some suspects from fleeing the state, and the forensic team investigates who shot at a woman in her backyard, nearly killing her.
High Jinks 04x00
The wardens contend with illegal marijuana all across the state. Hidden in large tracts of land, and often protected by armed individuals, searching these illicit grow sites is dangerous work. An ATV crash involving three teens stumps the wardens.

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