In the state of Maine, the elite Game Warden Service patrols more than eighteen million acres of rugged terrain filled with wild animals... and wild people. Each Autumn brings the hunting season, the Warden's busiest and most dangerous time of year. These 'State Police of the Woods' never know what to expect from one moment to the next. North Woods Law follows Maine's elite Game Wardens as they navigate the Pine Tree State's rugged terrain and twisted back roads. This year the wardens cover deer, moose, and fowl hunting seasons - the busiest and most perilous times of the year. Each punch of the time clock is a ticket to extreme danger and drama as undercover stings and intense rescues are all in a day's work. Whether they're tracking bears on dangerous mountains or busting drunk drivers on ATVs, the Maine Game Wardens risk life and limb to protect animals and serve the people of Maine. Add to my shows

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Leading The Way 14x06
Sgt. Pushee leads a multi-agency rescue mission to find a missing kayaker. A specialist is called in to locate a pesky bear roaming a residential area, and a boy is caught riding without a helmet and operating his ATV illegally.

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Case Closed 14x05
Lt. Mike Eastman investigates a case of stolen lobster traps. A man on a dirt bike flees the scene after being stopped for speeding, and Officer Hannett sends an injured pigeon to a local wildlife rehabber.
Bump in the Road 14x04
Lt. Boudreau and Officer Hannett have an unusually busy day on ATV patrol. Officer McDermott investigates a man who illegally shot a rabbit in a residential area. Officers Holmes and Cyrs use ATVs to rescue an injured hiker on Mount Carter.
Needle In A Haystack 14x03
Conservation Officers launch an intensive search for a young hiker who has gone missing on Mount Moosilauke. In Littleton, Officer McKee gets news of a bear who has infiltrated a home in search of food. 
Out of Options 14x02
Officer Cyrs gets a call about a rabid fox that attacked a homeowner. Officer Crouse tracks down a group of ATV riders. Lt. Murphy talks to a farmer about a nuisance bear. Officers Frye and Jones investigate a hunter that may have from shot the road.
Running out of Time 14x01
The wardens, the National Guard, and dozens of volunteers team up in a massive, days-long search for a hiker missing in the vast wilderness of the White Mountains. And, the wardens take on some familiar faces in a charity softball game against Maine. 
Good News, Bad News 13x10
Officers St. Pierre, Benvenuti and K9 Cora investigate a couple accused of road hunting; an actress tries to perform her way out of a ticket with Officer Hannett; Officer Holmes gets an injured goose call; Officer Frye handles a neighbor dispute.
Riverside Stakeout 13x09
Nature lovers show up for Discover Wild New Hampshire Day; Officers conduct an undercover surveillance; Officer McKee rescues a starving owl from the side of the road; on Mount Monadnock, a perilous rescue of an injured hiker.
On The Loose 13x08
Lt. Boudreau teams up with Trainee Masucci to track down a turkey hunter who may have shot from the road; when an animal release goes south, Officer Hannett lends a hand;Officer Canfield races to catch a trespassing dirt biker.
Circle of Life 13x07
Officer Crouse responds to a call about a nuisance raccoon; Officer Towne searches for a deer attacked by coyotes; Officer Hannett monitors a suspicious fisherman; Officer St. Pierre responds to a call about an impaired driver.
Last Days of Winter 13x06
The dive team assists at an event in Hampton Beach; Officer Courtney patrols the area's clam flats; Officers Hannett and Holmes patrol snowmobile activity across the state; Officer Demler helps a bobcat that's been injured by a porcupine.

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