In the state of Maine, the elite Game Warden Service patrols more than eighteen million acres of rugged terrain filled with wild animals... and wild people. Each Autumn brings the hunting season, the Warden's busiest and most dangerous time of year. These 'State Police of the Woods' never know what to expect from one moment to the next. North Woods Law follows Maine's elite Game Wardens as they navigate the Pine Tree State's rugged terrain and twisted back roads. This year the wardens cover deer, moose, and fowl hunting seasons - the busiest and most perilous times of the year. Each punch of the time clock is a ticket to extreme danger and drama as undercover stings and intense rescues are all in a day's work. Whether they're tracking bears on dangerous mountains or busting drunk drivers on ATVs, the Maine Game Wardens risk life and limb to protect animals and serve the people of Maine. Add to my shows

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Lake Collision 15x09

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Taking The Bait 15x08
Officer Masucci and Major Walsh join forces to summon a man for baiting without a permit. Officer Bronson pursues a pair of ATV speedsters riding with a toddler with no safety gear, and Lieutenant Cheney responds to a call about a deer wedged in a fence.
Stubborn As A Moose 15x07
Sgt. Lopashanski attempts every trick in the book to wrangle a stubborn moose off of a busy roadway. Officer Canfield plays a game of cat and mouse with a suspected illegal deer hunter, and Officer McKee and Demler investigate an illegal turkey kill.
Cracking A Cold Case 15x06
Officer Canfield handles a group of ATV riders reported for riding prohibited trails. Officer Holmes investigates a suspected illegal deer kill, and an abandoned car is found on the Androscoggin River that might be linked to a crime.
Moose In The City 15x05
A team is deployed to relocate a moose trapped in downtown Nashua. During an undercover mission, Officer Egan encounters multiple bird hunters, while Officer Canfield rushes to rescue an injured hiker and his young family on Mount Carrigan.
Trail Blazers 15x04
A deer hunter pleads ignorance when caught with tree stands on private property. Officer Crouse catches a group of ATV speedsters, and Officer MacFazden investigates a suspicious bear kill.
Cliff Face Crisis 15x03
A horrific rock climbing accident on Cannon Cliffs sends two officers and an emergency team on a heroic helicopter rescue mission. A combative man is found illegally riding an OHRV and is questioned by Officer Crouse, and a moose causes a traffic jam.
Guilty Conscience 15x02
When a man responsible for fatal car accident fleas the scene, Officer McKee responds to the call. An injured hiker is rescued from a trail in Franconia Notch State Park, and an illegal pheasant hunter is reported.
Mountaintop Mystery 15x01
On Mt. Monadnock, a severed finger is found, sending a team and K-9 Wyatt to search for other possible body parts. A family of repeat offenders are found riding their ATVs without proper protective gear, and a man admits to an illegal bear kill. 
Best Animal Encounters 14x12
This special episode highlights the New Hampshire Conservation Officer's most exciting interactions with the state's wildlife, including encounters with bears, moose, hawks, fawns, skunks and the endangered timber rattlesnake.
Glen vs. Wild 14x11
In this special episode of North Woods Law, Sergeant Glen Lucas walks through some of his most memorable cases while also providing insight into what was happening behind the scenes. Cases include his car accident, memorable hunting cases, and more.

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