HISTORY(R) presents NO MAN'S LAND, a new series that transports viewers into the lives of those who thrive and survive in the barren landscape that marks the end of civilization: the great American desert. The series premieres Sunday, March 9 at 10PM ET/PT. It takes a special breed to make the desert their home, but these men brave the crippling heat, stealthy predators and volatile weather - in order to live on their own terms. In one of the most hostile environments on Earth, danger is a way of life, but the desert also offers freedom, independence and escape from the work-a-day world. NO MAN'S LAND follows five hardcore men who live off the land and prove that survival here requires ingenuity, grit and self-reliance. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Live or Die 01x08
In Arizona, Jason Hawk embarks on an emergency project to build his ailing father a safer home. David Holladay struggles to get his summer's haul back to town as the autumn winds begin to howl. Howdy Fowler races to finish training a client's hinny, putting himself at risk, and in Death Valley, the town's water supply goes out, forcing Rick Gibson into action under the searing Mojave sun.
Sandmen 01x07
Rick finds himself stranded in Death Valley. David heads into treacherous terrain in Utah. Charlie is in New Mexico racing against time to complete a desert shelter.
Last Legs 01x06
Jason goes on a hunting trip with his Dad. Whilst Charlie is on the look out for a new shelter in the desert.
Running with the Devil 01x05
With the power still out on his property, Jason Hawk returns from the desert with 200 gallons of water, but needs to come up with an ingenious solution to make it drinkable. In search of cash, Howdy Fowler takes work tracking a dangerous set of horse thieves in Texas. In Utah's Red Rock Canyons, David Holladay and his son find a rare desert oasis full of fresh water … and trout! In Death Valley, desert scavenger, Rick Gibson tries to find valuable relics at the site of a crashed military plane, while Charlie Acuna's struggles in adapting to life in the desert continue, as he scours the volcanic New Mexico landscape for water.
My Desert Gold 01x04
When the power goes out, knocking out his family's well on the hottest day of the year, Jason Hawk needs to come up with an ingenious method to keep his family hydrated. The severe drought in the Chihuahuan desert has also dried up Howdy Fowler's job prospects. He sets off into the wild in hopes of finding valuable antlers, skulls or horns that he can sell, but has a dangerous encounter in the dark of night. David Holliday's season takes a turn for the better in Southern Utah, and Charlie Acuna searches for a reliable and safe water source before the New Mexican desert gets the better of him.
Living on the Edge 01x03
Jason Hawk continues to spruce up his rehabbed desert truck; David Holladay and his son venture on a rock hunt; Charlie Acuna goes on a rattlesnake hunt; Howdy Fowler fights the blistering heat and a tight deadline.
Racing the Sun 01x02
Summer heat is pounding the American Southwest. After a close call with an armed intruder, Jason Hawk decides that his old truck isn't up to the task of protecting his property line. He and his father turn to a heavy duty junker that they call "The Beast," but getting it into service in 115 degree heat will be no small task. In Utah, David Holladay searches for a remedy to the contaminated water he mistakenly drank before it's too late. In Texas, Howdy Fowler races the sun to corral a pair of wild longhorns, and in New Mexico, primitive weapons expert, Charlie Acuna sets off on the challenge of a lifetime, trying to survive in the state's High Desert.
Adapt or Die 01x01
The desert is where civilization ends. To live in this barren landscape, you must adhere to a simple motto, adapt or die. In Arizona's red-hot Sonoran desert borderlands, blacksmith and survival expert, Jason Hawk comes across troubling signs that intruders are crossing into his land. Miles from the nearest police station, he's forced to take the law into his own hands, using scavenged parts to create a make-shift surveillance system. In Southern Utah's Red Rock Canyons, desert geologist David Holladay sets off a months long trek into the area's remote badlands, searching for the rare stones he gathers to support his large family. But a change in the terrain leads him to make a dangerous decision that could cost him everything. In the Chihuahuan Desert of Southwest Texas, desert cowboy Howdy Fowler is trying to keep his lifestyle going, despite increasing age and a dwindling client base. He tries to hunt down a rogue thousand pound steer, in scorching temperatures.

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