Nick News With Linda Ellerbee is a news program that is designed for children, though it’s also a talk-discussion program because a panel of children are routinely invited to share their thoughts on what is being said. As with most news programs, each episode covers different events, though the series prides itself on helping children learn about the world in a safe and sound manner. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Coming Out 20x08
Gay students come forward to tell their stories and reveal what it is like to be a gay teenager.
Now Hear This! What if You Were Deaf? 20x07
In this special, deaf kids will introduce us to their world; what it's like to go to a concert and not hear the music, how hard it can be to make friends, and what it's like to have a different language from your family.
Animal Rights.or Wrongs? Testing on Animals for Human Purposes 20x06
Linda has the latest news. Is animal testing for products that have human purposes right or wrong? This issue has been debated since the 17th century. We will feature kids on both sides of the issue, kids who are both for and against animal testing.
Twelve for the Road-The Ultimate Unusual & Unending Road Trip 20x05
A family of twelve tours the United States in an RV.
If All the Other Kids Are.The Politics of Peer Pressure 20x04
Kids discuss their opinions on peer pressure.
Sidelined: How Safe are Kids Sports? 20x03
“My shoulder started to bother me,” Masyn says. “I went to my coach and … he just said, ‘You’re okay.’ (So) I just went back to practice.” “I was really driven to keep on going,” Olivia said. But sometimes, the injuries are so severe that it’s impossible to keep on going. “(I) couldn’t walk, couldn’t talk, couldn’t speak, couldn’t swallow my food,” Devin remembers. But even in the hospital, he says, “The only thing I would think about is … if I was ever going to play again.” Why are young athletes getting hurt so much? What can happen if they play while they’re hurt? And is anything being done to make kids’ sports safer? Nick News with Linda Ellerbee will answer those questions, in a special report called “Sidelined: How Safe Are Kids’ Sports?”
Fleeing Syria: Children of War 20x02
Exploring the uprooted lives of child refugees who flee Syria to live in camps in Jordan.
Black, White, and Brown V. Board of Education: A Return to Segregated Schools? 20x01
Children of War: Syrian Refugee Kids 20x00
Exploring the uprooted lives of child refugees who flee Syria to live in camps in Jordan.
Webstars II: More Kids Who are Online Hits 19x26
A look at kids find fame by promoting themselves online. Included: Benjamin "Lil P-Nut" Flores Jr., star of "The Haunted Hathaways." Also: twin sisters who host a Web series; and a 13-year-old who hosts a cooking show.

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