Drama about a police unit, made up of retired detectives and a long-suffering boss, looking at unsolved crimes. Add to my shows

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The Crazy Gang 12x10
In the ultimate series finale, UCOS are threatened with closure following their perceived mishandling of the Henway case. Their final case begins with the bloody murder of a political activist 15 years ago at the Madhouse - a hub for people with mental health issues. Just as the team are getting somewhere, the order comes from above for Ted, Danny and Steve to cease the investigation. But in true UCOS spirit, the boys throw away the rulebook and uncover something much bigger than just a straightforward murder, involving some top officials, a multinational drugs company and signs of a massive cover-up.Danny and Fiona's relationship hangs in the balance as she must give an answer to the job offer in Aberdeen, and Sasha is pulled into a game of political cat and mouse as she realises UCOS are merely puppets in Cynthia's game.
Life Expectancy 12x09
A sinkhole in a cemetery unearths an unusual murder weapon: a large marble bust. The victim was Jason Henway,, herbalist and co-owner of Nature's Zenith, a controversial holistic health center. Both Fiona and Sasha contemplate job promotions that would take them away from UCOS
Lottery Curse 12x08
Under the foundations of a swimming pool a skeleton is uncovered. The victim is identified as Cheryl - a young and pretty lottery winner who was reported missing seventeen years ago. UCOS begin to investigate the prime suspects who are her quiz team mates, who won their lottery win as part of a syndicate. Although some of the winners have put their money to good use, Cheryl's boyfriend has fallen on hard times. The media remain convinced he is the prime suspect, and he is unable to escape the allegations of murder, affairs and fights. The begin to wonder whether money is really the root of all evil. Elsewhere Sasha decides to spend the night studying however the team have a different plan.
The Russian Cousin 12x07
The UCOS team investigate the murder of a private investigator. The victim was stabbed through the heart in a suspect robbery. The team believe the answers are in the victims last three cases however it will take the whole team's expertise and instincts to be able to crack the case along with a mysterious notebook. UCOS believe the movements of a rare collectable stamp, The Russian Cousin, could hold the key to the investigation- will UCOS be able to track it down? Elsewhere Steve rents his flat out to a pair of demanding Italians. Also Ted is fearful of a trip to the doctors after concerns of his own mortality.
The Fame Game 12x06
Danny, Ted and Steve investigations leads them to a lookalike agency where their two top acts were found dead in an apparent double suicide over a decade earlier. The team are convinced there is more to the case than meets the eye. Elsewhere Steve is overwhelmed when their enquiries lead them to the door of one of his football idols. His excitement is soon short-lived when he remembers an expensive birthday gift. Sasha is occupied with trying to instil discipline into her son Alex as well as taking on an intensive training course.
Prodigal Sons 12x05
The UCOS team investigate the death of a promising talented cricket player. He was the star of the pitch and the prodigal son however he was loathed by his team-mates. New evidence shows the death was not a misadventure as originally thought however UCOS are soon surprised by the list of murder suspects. Elsewhere Danny realises Steve is having money-problems so he asserts himself as a personal financial advisor. Danny however is unable to escape his own concerns about revealing his relationship with Fiona to his fragile ex-wife.
The Wolf of Wallbrook 12x04
Ted leads UCOS into the investigation of an apparent suicide of a city trader in the 1980s. The team delve into the dark world of the macho fraternity of the so called 'Wolfpack' however the team soon discover a world of debauchery, and secret all-nighters to bond the traders together. Is their tight bond worth killing for? Elsewhere Sasha returns to UCOS to find herself pushed out of her office by Ted.
The Curate's Egg 12x03
Danny and Steve are introduced to their new boss Ted while Sasha recovers in hospital from her gun-shot wound. The team are a cautious of Ted Case becoming a new member of the UCOS team. The team investigate the brutal murder of a vicar who received racist hate mail in the lead up to his death. Elsewhere Danny meets Fiona's parents with disastrous consequences. Steve attempts to make himself more sharper in comparison to his new boss.
Last Man Standing - Part Two 12x02
In the second part of the double episode, Gerry has to fight to be able to clear his name before the past, and his enemies catch up with him. Fiona is enlisted to help examine the evidence, while Danny and Gerry go on the run in a desperate attempt to prove his innocence. The pressure is on as the team go after one of the biggest crime families in London. Gerry and the team are put in the firing line in a dramatic stand-off.
Last Man Standing - Part One 12x01
In the first part of a double episode, Gerry is spooked by the discovery of a cop whose body has laid untouched in a basement for 30 years. Gerry learns he will have to face up to his past, as deep-rooted accusations of police corruption begin to emerge. It is a race against time for the UCOS team as they attempt to help Gerry before his dark past begins to catch up with him.

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