Two former detective TV show starlets brought back together by a real-life mystery. Charlie Contour is a suburban housewife and mother, while Holly Hamilton longs for her glory days in the 90's when she was on television. Both of their lives are disrupted when Nick, a witness to a crime and a Mystery Girls fanatic, will only speak to the infamous duo, and the former friends must reunite and put their TV crime-solving skills to the test. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

The Killer Returns 01x10
Nick fears for his life when Zanucci uncovers his location after seeing a Mystery Girls commercial. Meanwhile, Charlie's husband expresses concern for her safety, so she reconsiders her new career path.
Death Rose 01x09
Holly's convict pal gets released from prison, and Holly wants to help clear her name, so she seeks assistance from a real detective.
Bag Ladies 01x08
A designer hires the gals to locate a one-of-a-kind stolen purse, so they go undercover at a fashion show.
Passing the Torch 01x07
Two actresses disappear, and the gals become suspects because the actresses were cast in a reboot of their old TV series.
Sister Issues 01x06
Holly's seemingly perfect sister visits, so Nick tries to bolster Holly's confidence with a phony case involving a missing heiress and a biker bar.
High School Mystery 01x05
The gals go undercover at Holly's high-school alma mater in order to help the principal by stopping a senior-class prank. However, Holly gets sidetracked with being popular and Charlie becomes overzealous while pretending to be a gym teacher.
Pilot 01x04
A reporter interviews Charlie and Holly, who recall how they reunited and became crime solvers when a devoted fan witnessed a crime and reached out to them about it.
Haunted House Party 01x03
The gals are tasked with proving a house isn't haunted by spending the night in it, and Holly approaches the case with a much more serious attitude than Charlie.
Partners in Crime 01x02
Holly wants to pursue more exciting cases, so she convinces Charlie to investigate a robbery ring. However, Charlie has doubts about relying on Holly's tactics, which involve looking for the culprits at a popular nightclub.
Death Becomes Her 01x01
A rumor about Holly's death circulates, so the gals throw a fake memorial service in order to lure the person selling Holly's old sex tape in the series premiere of this comedy about ex-TV detectives putting their phony skills to use in the real world.

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