In Mysteries at the Museum, Don Wildman visits America's museums, where strange and curious remnants of the past are revealed. Add to my shows

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Dishwasher, Golden Lake and Bridge Buster 18x07
Don Wildman examines an antique dishwasher, a golden breastplate from an ancient civilization and a uniform worn by one brave man facing down an entire army.

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Benny's Banner, Lost for Words and Raising Chicago 18x06
Don Wildman investigates the unexpected story behind the creation of the Alaskan flag, a madman who contributed to one of the most important books in the English language and how the whole of Chicago was raised into the air.
Alaska Highway, Tale of Beatrix Potter and Cleopatra's Needle 18x05
Don Wildman explores the story of how one man blazed a trail that changed the course of history, the little-known story behind a classic piece of children's literature and a bizarre discovery floating in the middle of the ocean.
Jefferson's Wine, First High Flyer and Stefania's Thirteen 18x04
Don Wildman examines an advertisement for an actress turned spy, the helmet of a brave pilot who paved the way for space exploration and the story behind a young girl who stood up to the Nazis.
Nuclear Nightmare, Teddy Roosevelt's Badlands Bandits And The Movie Star And The Dead Man 18x03
Don Wildman examines a dinosaur that was one the largest complete skeletons of its time, the golden cover of a record that contained the sounds of Earth and a medicine ball used by a president to save his life.
Terra Australis, Operation Underworld and Heroine Hostess 18x02
Don Wildman examines an unlikely alliance between the military and a mob boss, a death-defying voyage on the high seas and a high-flying heroine who went above and beyond the call of duty.
Ground Zero Flag, Space Suit and Pacific Codebreaker 18x01
Don Wildman investigates the story behind an iconic September 11th photo, a NASA experiment that turned deadly and a Naval codebreaker determined to outsmart the enemy.
Battle on Ice, Lost Andree Expedition and Alaskan Sea Monster 17x13
Don Wildman explores the slippery strategy of a medieval general, searches for the fate of a lost expedition and investigates a bizarre creature from the deep.
Winter War, Terror in Antarctica and First Snow Globe 17x12
Don Wildman investigates an ingenious trick that won a war, a terrifying trek through Antarctica and an invention that the world fell in love with. A mysterious object in a Finish war museum; A vanished aircraft that mystified the world;
Sergeant Bill Goat Hero, Gilded Grudge and Osage Investigation 17x11
The story of Private Bill in 1915; A high society showdown in New York; A murderous plot to collect on life insurance take out on Osage Indians; A search for artwork stolen by the nazi's during World War II; Rats and mans dislike and attempts to contain them; Buried gold that vanishes;
Operation Toothpaste, Case of the Kates and White River Monster 17x10
A artifact that dates back to the earliest days of the atomic age; a scandalous showdown in Canada; a search for a strange creature in a Arkansas river; A duel that could have had presidential consequences; A mysterious death of a DJ's wife; Constantine's city is saved from an unexpected source.

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