In Mysteries at the Museum, Don Wildman visits America's museums, where strange and curious remnants of the past are revealed. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Hidden Histories 19x20
Crime Fighters 19x19
Jack And The Goat, Operation Hydra And Hell On St. Helens 19x18
Dickens to the Rescue, Check Off to Take Off and Waterlogged Whiskers 19x17
Don Wildman investigates a beloved British author's heroics in the face of a real-life cliffhanger, a plane crash that forever changed aviation safety and the clever cup that saved a popular ...
Jack and the Goat, Operation Hydra and Hell on St. Helens 19x16
Don Wildman investigates JFK's four-legged running mate, a daring plan to destroy a Nazi superweapon and the photographer who survived a volcanic eruption.
Betty Lou Had a Great Fall, Gurdon Ghost Light and Twitch and Shout 19x15
Don Wildman investigates a perilous plunge inside the nation's tallest building, a mysterious light from beyond the grave and a curious contagion plaguing a small town high school.
Lucky Lucca, Flathead Lake Monster and Bumbling to Berlin 19x14
Don Wildman investigates an explosive tale of a four-legged hero, a fearsome creature found in a Montana lake and a pilot's attempt to push the boundaries of aviation.
Jakarta Incident, Toe-to-Toe in Toledo and Assassinating FDR 19x13
Don Wildman investigates a pilot forced to fly a jumbo jet with no engines, the scandal behind the biggest boxing upset in history and an assassination attempt on a president-elect.
Operation Paul Bunyan, the Nose Knows and the Night America Burned 19x12
Don Wildman highlights a tree-cutting mission that provoked a military standoff with North Korea, a subway stench with a surprising source and one scientist's out-of-this-world explanation ...
Vikings in America, Voyager Emergency and Luckiest Lucky Cat 19x11
Don Wildman examines a clothing pin linked to a long-lost Viking settlement in North America, a rocket that unlocked the mysteries of our solar system and a Japanese cat who saved a train station.

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