My House Is Worth What? gives you the lowdown on the high stakes of home ownership. Go behind closed doors each week as three homeowners in three different parts of the country strategize on maximizing their homes' value. After a professional assessment and evaluation from local market experts, they'll get the bottom line on how well their efforts will pay off, with big surprises often awaiting the homeowner in the final number. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Assessing the Costs and Benefits of Renovating or Moving 13x08
Kevin and Jesse, from Burlington, Vermont, have plans of making more changes to their home but want to make sure it's worth the effort. Then, Steve wants to make upgrades to a bigger home and wants to know the value of his current home in Indianapolis to see what level budget he can have on the new home. And, in Springfield, Illinois, Jason and Brandy want to determine an appropriate budget for their next renovation project.
Fold or Hold 13x05
Melinda lives in Burbank, California would like to know if she should sell her house as is or do some improvements first and receive more profit? Meanwhile, Leanne and Ben want to know what their Indianapolis starter home is worth since they wanna expand their family and need to start making plans. Finally, Michael wants to know if he should could continue doing renovations or stop while he's ahead in his home in Detroit.
Good Choices, Good Cash 13x04
Roberto and Marcela hope their improvements they made were wise and that they didn't over do it with their Seattle home. Meanwhile, Derek and Kattie want to know the value of their Belleville, Michigan home. Finally, Lee and Marty's children have grown up and are ready to leave, and they want to know if the investments they made to their Indianapolis home were worth it.
Double Dilemma 13x02
Chad and Kari are wondering what price their home in Sioux Falls will fetch now that they have doubled the square footage. Then, John and Erin have been working a lot on their own home and would love to do some more. But first they need to know how much worth the improvements have added. Finally, Eric and Alison have been working on their Springfield, Illinois home, but fear they have spent too much now.
Setting the Price on the Space 12x12
Steve and Phil decide to redo their house to get a bit more space. Now they wonder is staying was the right decision. Meanwhile, Andrew and Char-Lynn would like to know the worth of their home because their family is growing in numbers. Finally, Chris has made many upgrades to his home but would like to move back to California, and would like to know how much his home is worth.
Determining Whether to Do More 12x11
Anita created a high-end loft space from a third floor of a commercial building, and now wants to know it's value. Manny and Al hope their decisions so far will allow for more renovations. Then, Pete and Jennifer have more projects she wants to do, but believe they may have gone too far already.
Evaluating the Value 12x09
A couple wonder if it would add value to their home if they redo their master bath and garage. The next couple would like to build a new patio for their backyard, if they can afford it. And, the final couple are ready to downsize to a smaller home and want to know what their old home is worth.
Intelligent Investments 12x06
A woman in Portland has used a lot of equity to make modern fixes to her home. Now she hopes she has enough money for her next project. Then, a couple made some wise choices in fixing up their home. Now they have decided to move to a bigger house. Lastly, a woman hopes her choices were smart since she wants to sell her house as soon as her children head off to college, and wants a big return.
Smart Steps 12x05
A man makes several changes to his LA home in hopes of making enough turnover to move to Seattle. Then, a couple are readying to marry, and have made major changes to their home in hopes of fetching a nice price for it. Finally, a couple have made lots of upgrades to their home in a short time - with more they want to do. First, they want to make sure further improvements would be worthwhile.
Clever Choices 12x04
Vicki hopes she has made smart choices when it comes to her renovations so that it will sell and she can downsize. Justin and Kelley from Chicago hope that their renovations have earned them enough credit to afford a good-sized down payment for a new home. Bridgette and Bernie have gutted their home and reworked it to look like new. Now they wanna sell it since they are retiring.

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