BBC America's Mud, Sweat and Gears is a competitive car show, where each week hosts Tom ‘Wookie' Ford and Jonny Smith captain a team of two car nuts and go head-to-head to transform everyday vehicles. They have 24 hours to mutate, supersize and reconstruct — once transformed, the vehicles are raced in three extreme missions involving head-to-head sprints, timed challenges and stunts, lots of stunts.The missions are daring, adventurous, fun, and competitive — and all tied to different episode themes rolling out each week. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Carcade 01x09
Jonny and ‘Wookie' transform regular cars into real-world arcade cars
Carmageddon 01x08
Jonny and ‘Wookie' compete in three apocalyptic missions which end with a fiery finish
Spy 01x07
Jonny and ‘Wookie' build their visions of the ultimate spy cars
Off-Road 01x06
Jonny and ‘Wookie' race in three bone-shaking, off-road missions
Car-Lympics 01x05
Head-to-head challenges include a car-sumo ring, a car steeplechase and car gymnastics
Truck O' War 01x04
An argument brews that pushes Jonny and Wookie's friendship to the limit
Delivery 01x03
Jonny and ‘Wookie' transform regular cars into high-speed delivery vehicles
Demolition 01x02
The boys build their versions of the ultimate demolition vehicle
Cops 01x01
Jonny Smith and Tom ‘Wookie' Ford lead two teams in building the ultimate cop cars

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