Mr. Selfridge tells the story of 'Mile a Minute Harry', a man with a mission to make shopping as thrilling as sex. Add to my shows

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Episode 10 04x10
Episode 9 04x09
Preparations are underway for celebrating the 20th anniversary of the store opening. Harry gets special permission to run a parade down Oxford Street, but first has to contend with the suppliers' embargo for Whiteley's. Mardle struggles to cope to make sure life continues as normal for the Grove children. Meryl suggests Mardle heads back to work and a vacancy may of just opened up for her. Jimmy's accountant makes a revelation about the Whiteley's accounts. Jimmy wonders if he can borrow stock from Selfridges as he doubts the embargo been lifted. Meryl and Freddy bring the Grove family back together for a special treat. Joe Tooby of the London Herald, has found a hole in Jimmy's story and takes his allegations straight to the press.
Episode 8 04x08
Harry, Gordon and Jimmy are working extra hard before their purchase of Whiteley's is announced. Grove and Crabb believe that their time is up at the company and Grove readies his retirement. Meryl looks for Tilly. Crabb offers to help out with the Whiteley accounts, but soon makes a shocking discovery. Grove has a health scare and is sent home. Mae and Harry grow closer.
Episode 7 04x07
After a tumultuous period, Harry is determined to get his life and the store back on track. Selfridge's has returned to doing what it does best: a classic store wide ‘Summer Promotion'. Gordon and Harry are really enjoying working together again, and between them they see off threats from Lord Wynnstay and an ominous Mr Keen.Vibrant and colourful, the store looks fabulous. Mae's new ready-to-wear Summer Collection is a runaway success. However, underneath it all, Mae is torn apart by grief and shock. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to all, Jimmy is ridden with aching paranoia and searing guilt for his reckless actions. He's been staying with his mother in hiding, but she encourages him to return to London: to stay close to powerful allies like Harry Selfridge - to hide in plain sight.Kitty's time at Selfridge's comes to a poignant end. As she bids emotional farewells, Frank makes a final heartfelt plea for their love, begging for a new start together – but will Kitty agree?When Grove returns to work after a break away, Meryl enlists his help after discovering that Tilly is shouldering an unfair workload in the machine room. Grove investigates, but the end result isn't good for Tilly when we find out that she's hiding something.Jimmy comes back to London with a bold and exciting business proposition for Harry. Whiteley's, the iconic London department store in Bayswater, is for sale. Jimmy wants to go in with Harry and Gordon as an equal business partner. As Jimmy pitches to Harry, he relentlessly romanticises the purchase – pointing out that Whiteley's is a London landmark – and that with both stores together Harry would own over a mile of window frontage in London. If anyone can turn Whiteley's around, Harry can. Harry and Gordon consider it together. It's a massive project, but the rewards could be huge. It's the biggest gamble of Harry life; everything is on the line.
Episode 6 04x06
Harry is reeling after the assault on the store. D'Ancona begins piling on more pressure so Harry is really feeling the strain, especially as the store receives a ton of bad press. Harry soon realises he has to be honest about his financial affairs. Mr Grove and Miss Mardle prepare for their upcoming event. Meryl needs Tilly's help for a task. Lady Mae and Victor become closer, making Jimmy more and more jealous.
Episode 5 04x05
Double Trouble is been filmed on the ground floor of the store, with the whole space transformed into a movie set. Harry is delighted that a film starring the Dolly Sisters and Bumby Wallace, has got the store been the talk of London again. Mr Grove and Miss Mardle struggle with the past and future. Kitty realises something horrible. Mae reconnects with Victor.
Episode 4 04x04
Harry whisks a large group of journalists to Biarritz in celebration of the hugely successful launch of the Selfridge Trust. Soon the party gets out of hand with Harry announcing the purchase of a raft of new department stores. In London, the staff prepare for a visit from author AA Milne and Grove tries to live his life as normal, but is soon distracted by a blast from the past.
Episode 3 04x03
Harry is enjoying himself in the roaring 20s. Grove contemplates retirement. Jimmy and Harry begin a risky new business venture, leaving Gordon angry. Harry returns to work to quash retirement rumours and makes the acquaintance of Jimmy Dillon. Kitty meets Elizabeth Arden who is opening a concession stand in the store.
Episode 2 04x02
Harry is at his country home recovering from the incident at the Queen of Time unveiling. He realises he needs to quash any retirement rumours, so makes a speedy return to the store and deciding to open a cutting-edge technology department. Mae is annoyed that Harry wants to be involved in her first-ever fashion launch. Jimmy makes his mark.
Episode 1 04x01
Harry now has a daughter, Tatiana, who is the apple of his eye. Mr Grove celebrates his birthday with Mr Crabb. Miss Mardle's absence leaves a gap in Grove's life. Gordon is now married with two children, but their is tension between him and his father. Mae returns to London.

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