The secret and illegal world of moonshining stretches all across Appalachia raking in a pretty penny for those who choose to shine. Moonshiners will go to unprecedented extremes in their efforts to hide their still sites and cloak their distribution networks, some can hide in plain sight. With new styles of shine being tested and sold there is a king's ransom waiting for those bold enough to grab it. But those who enforce the law are wise to shiner deceptions and more determined than ever to catch them red handed and in the act of making Moonshine. The day of reckoning may be around the corner, but don't sell the Moonshiners short. Each has a keen understanding of how to stay one step ahead of the law in their region, and in this ongoing cat and mouse game you never know who will end up in the trap. Add to my shows

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Tickle to the Rescue 09x09

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Tickle gets out of jail and Tim must keep him busy, but Tickle has ideas of his own. Mark and Digger make a discovery at Popcorn's boyhood home. On a midnight bootleg, Mark Rogers finds having the law on your side doesn't make you less of an outlaw.

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