Christy is a single mom who, after years of questionable choices, is now sober and trying to get her life on track. She's tested daily by her newly sober mother, Bonnie, who is trying to make up for all the ways she's let Christy down. Christy is further challenged by her relationships with her own kids. Her daughter Violet is engaged to a man twice her age and her ten-year-old son, Roscoe, would rather live with his father Baxter, a former slacker who has only recently gotten himself together. To help her stay sober, Christy relies on her support system from AA, comprised of her sponsor Marjorie, her wealthy sponsee, Jill, and her emotional friend, Wendy. Christy tries to remain positive as she attempts to overcome her past and build a better future, but with her dysfunctional family and life's many setbacks, it's always an uphill battle. Add to my shows

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Endorphins and a Toasty Tushy 08x14
Bonnie struggles with her own self-worth after Tammy finds success. Also, Jill's new hobby leads to an unexpected revelation.

season 1

Smokey Taylor and a Deathbed Confession 01x22
Christy and Bonnie help Violet through labor. Meanwhile, Christy is convinced that Bonnie still has feelings for Alvin.
Broken Dreams and Blocked Arteries 01x21
Christy is caught in the middle when tensions rise between Bonnie and Alvin. Meanwhile, a very pregnant Violet is apprehensive about going to her senior prom.
Clumsy Monkeys and a Tilted Uterus 01x20
Christy and Bonnie try to make sure everything goes smoothly when Violet finds the perfect couple to adopt her baby.
Toilet Wine and the Earl of Sandwich 01x19
Christy and Bonnie help Regina tie up loose ends on the way to drop her off at prison. Meanwhile, Alvin spends the day getting to know his grandkids.
Sonograms and Tube Tops 01x18
Christy plans a baby shower for Violet, who is nervous about becoming a mom. Meanwhile, Bonnie scores a new life-coaching client.
Jail Jail and Japanese Porn 01x17
When Christy puts her new relationship ahead of friends and family, Bonnie has to pick up the slack.
Nietzsche and a Beer Run 01x16
Christy is tempted by her old vices when she dates an attractive, hard-partying man. Meanwhile, Bonnie decides her advice is worth money and becomes a life coach.
Fireballs and Bullet Holes 01x15
Christy tries to start a relationship with her father, Alvin, while Bonnie struggles to accept that Christy wants him in her life.
Leather Cribs and a Medieval Rack 01x14
Christy and Bonnie come clean about secrets they've been keeping from each other. Meanwhile, Violet and Luke discover they have different ideas about parenting.
Hot Soup and Shingles 01x13
When Christy gets injured, she refuses to admit she needs Bonnie's help. Meanwhile, Luke turns to Baxter for advice about being a father.
Corned Beef and Handcuffs 01x12
Christy gets stuck in the middle when Bonnie and Chef Rudy start dating.
Cotton Candy and Blended Fish 01x11
Christy and Bonnie go above and beyond to help a sick friend. Meanwhile, Violet is frustrated by the realities of pregnancy.
Belgian Waffles and Bathroom Privileges 01x10
Christy has trouble accepting how much easier life is with Bonnie in the house. Meanwhile, Baxter sets up camp in the driveway.
Zombies and Cobb Salad 01x09
When Bonnie loses her job and struggles to keep her life together, Christy tries to get her back on track.
Big Sur and Strawberry Lube 01x08
Christy is nervous about going on a romantic weekend getaway with Adam. Meanwhile, Gabriel's wife suspects he is cheating and seeks comfort from Christy.
Estrogen and a Hearty Breakfast 01x07
Christy squares off against Luke's conservative parents, who are upset about Violet's pregnancy. Meanwhile, Bonnie is determined not to let menopause get the best of her.
Abstinence and Pudding 01x06
Christy is determined to take things slow in her relationship with Adam. Meanwhile, Bonnie and her rival from AA, Marjorie, disagree on what "taking it slow" means.
Six Thousand Bootleg T-Shirts and a Prada Handbag 01x05
Christy makes a new friend who has big problems. Meanwhile, Bonnie attempts to put someone else's needs ahead of her own.
Loathing and Tube Socks 01x04
Christy's patience is tested by everyone she knows. Meanwhile, Bonnie runs into an old rival.
A Small Nervous Meltdown and a Misplaced Fork 01x03
Christy goes on her first date since she stopped drinking. Meanwhile, Bonnie teaches her grandson Roscoe to gamble.
A Pee Stick and an Asian Raccoon 01x02
Christy and Bonnie set aside their differences to deal with a family crisis together.
Pilot 01x01
Christy, a newly sober single mother, is trying to get her life together. She is challenged when her estranged mother, Bonnie, comes back into the picture.

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