In this sequel to the original 1960s series, IMF agent Jim Phelps comes out of retirement when a protégé is killed. He creates a new team of agents, and decides to stick around after his protégé is avenged. Jim and his team take on "impossible missions" for the government, dealing with spies and criminals that normal agencies can't touch. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

The Sands of Seth 02x16
The IMF take on the curator of an Egyptian museum who wants to bring back Egypt's ancient past... with himself as Pharaoh.
Church Bells in Bogota 02x15
While going undercover to extradite a Columbian drug lord, Shannon is stricken with amnesia and falls in love with the drug lord's nephew.
Gunslinger 02x14
Jim and the team take on a crooked ex-Congressman who is using his Old West tourist town as a cover to steal uranium for terrorists.
The Assassin 02x13
The team goes after someone who can program innocent people into assassins... and an undercover Nicholas ends up programmed to kill a national leader.
Cargo Cult 02x12
A ruthless criminal uses natives as slave labor to mine cyanide-laced gold, preying on their superstitions. The IMF has to out-superstition the criminal with some tricks of their own.
Deadly Harvest 02x11
Nicholas poses as a terrorist scientist who has undergone plastic surgery, to find the contaminated wheat seeds that the scientist's organization plans to use to destroy America's wheat crop.
For Art's Sake 02x10
Suave, debonair hotelier Daniel Travers is secretly an art thief. He steals a painting belonging to a foreign country, putting U.S. negotiations at risk, and the team must recover the painting and put Travers out of business once and for all.
Banshee 02x09
An Irish arms dealer blows up a bus filled with old people to turn Republicans versus Nationalist and boost his arms sales, and the team put on a hologrammtic show to convince the dealer to confess his sins.
The Fuehrer's Children 02x08
Neo-Nazi leader Richard Kester plans to use a "secret weapon" to convince all other neo-Nazi organizations to elect him their world leader.
Target Earth 02x07
After secretly murdering the lead pilot, terrorists take over a private space consortium... and Shannon is launched into space on a shuttle along with the terrorist's pilot.

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