Missing Millions is presented by Melanie Sykes and Paul Heiney. The presenters with the help of genealogist Nick Barratt and the Missing Millions team attempt to locate unwitting recipients with their forgotten fortunes. Add to my shows

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Episode 4 01x04
Melanie finds out more about the story of Joyce, a mother from Middlesbrough, who saved for her seven children, but didn’t tell them about her savings policy. She was diagnosed with cancer at just 46 and the family are attempting to come to terms with her recent death. Her children Mark and Adele are surprised to fins out that they will get a share of the policy worth £19,500. Paul is in Walthamstow where he finds out more about the case of Betty Drake who put aside money every month to pay for her funeral. The presenters also look for beneficiaries of a £7,000 policy set up 85 years ago by Walter Selwood. Melanie travels to Sunderland where she meets Theresa who has spent most of her life caring for elderly relatives. Melanie surprises her with an unexpected windfall.
Episode 3 01x03
Melanie and Nick find their efforts to trace the recipient of a £7,400 savings plan beginning in Doncaster and ending in Australia. Melanie also travels to Northampton where she surprises a family who set up a savings policy for their son the year he was born to help him through university. Frank is surprised to find out that his wife Vera, who passed away more than 18 months ago, had two savings policies. Paul makes his way to Kent to learn more about the story of Oliver Frank Kennett who died in 1982 with little money to his name. He had started savings policy in 1929 which is now worth £6,000 and Paul meets his distant cousin Shirley.
Episode 2 01x02
Melanie makes her way to Bradford in an effort to unravel a case worth £22,500. Malcolm Burrows had seven different savings accounts which he opened in the 1980s and the accounts remained untouched for 30 years. Malcolm his since passed away and Melanie with Nick's help attempts to find heirs entitled to the money. Melanie surprises David in Worcestershire who threw away the paperwork to an insurance policy as he moved house and he is now entitled to £11,500. Paul pays a visit to St Jude’s School in Wolverhampton which closed down four years ago and the school and it's land will be sold. Pat is one of the heirs who will benefit but had no idea. Melanie also travels to Leeds to surprise Marjorie whose sister Edna died about a year ago to let her know that she will inherit £14,000.
Episode 1 01x01
Melanie makes her way to Morecambe to try and find the recipient of a £13,000 savings plan which has been sitting unclaimed for over 20 years. Melanie also surprises single mum Amy with some news that her grandfather Patrick Belton set up a savings policy when she was born which she knew nothing about. Paul attempts to find out why Shirley grandparents John and Rose King set up a life assurance ‘penny policy’ in 1947 and has news for Shirley about the policy.

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