Retired serial-profiler Frank Black has moved his family to Seattle to escape the violence and horror he dealt with while working for the FBI in Washington, D.C. Although his uncanny and often unsettling ability to see into the twisted minds of serial killers has caused him much inner torment, Black knows his "gift" can still be used to help protect and save others. For that reason he has joined the mysterious Millennium Group, a team of underground ex-law enforcement experts dedicated to fighting against the ever-growing forces of evil and darkness in the world. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Goodbye to All That 03x22
In the aftermath of the explosion, Frank continues his pursuit of the copycat serial killer, while Peter Watts offers Emma Hollis an opportunity to join the Millennium Group. Will Emma join? How far will Frank go? And how will it all end?
Via Dolorosa 03x21
Frank pursues a serial killer whose modus operandi is identical to that of a murderer who died in the electric chair. Meanwhile Peter offers to aid Emma's ailing father but at a price, moving her closer to the Millennium Group.
Nostalgia 03x20
Frank and Emma investigate the murders of several young women who disappeared in a small community where Emma lived as a girl. As figures from Emma's past continue to appear the mystery begins to slowly unfold.
Seven and One 03x19
When Frank receives a series of Polaroid photographs, showing his own death, Frank claims that someone is out to kill him, but authorities suspect he may be having a nervous breakdown...but is he?
Bardo Thodol 03x18
Emma and Frank investigate the mysterious biological research conducted by a former Millennium Group member who is dying from a mysterious disease.
Darwin's Eye 03x17
A manhunt ensures when an escapee from a mental institution - who is believed to have decapitated two people - goes on the run with a deputy police officer. Leaving it is up to Frank and Emma to find the escapee. Meanwhile Emma's father grows ill.
Saturn Dreaming of Mercury 03x16
Jordan experiences strange visions when a new family moves into the neighborhood. Frank becomes concerned when an imaginary friend gets Jordan into trouble at school. Frank then believes that Jordan's new advanced powers of perception could identify the presence of evil nearby.
Forcing the End 03x15
A fundamentalist Jewish sect abducts a pregnant woman hoping to raise a pure child for the priesthood and force the coming of the Messiah.
Matryoshka 03x14
Frank and Emma investigate the suicide of a former FBI agent and discover links between the FBI, the Millennium Group, and the Los Alamos nuclear research center.
Antipas 03x13
Frank discovers a connection between the murder of a federal prosecutor, a gubernatorial candidate with a frail daughter... and the evil Lucy Butler who appears to have returned to torment Frank.

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