The cops. The cars. The clothes. Miami Vice is the explosive, groundbreaking detective show that redefined the word "cool." Set against the seamy and steamy Miami underworld, ride shotgun with suave Vice cops Sonny Crockett and Rico Tubbs as they battle a never-ending gallery of criminals. Set to an electrifying soundtrack of rock legends, including Glenn Frey, Phil Collins, U2 and Peter Gabriel, every episode crackles with excitement and stylish flair. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Too Much, Too Late 05x21
Tubbs considers marrying a former love who is in Miami to help a drug-addicted friend, but then learns that she may be covering up a murder.
Leap of Faith 05x20
Crockett persuades his protégé, Joey Hardin, to join a unit of hotshot cops formed to bring down a professor suspected of killing his students.
Miracle Man 05x19
Miracle Man, a self-proclaimed superhero, trips over Switek and Tubbs on his way to rescuing Miami from the clutches of its evil drug dealers.
World of Trouble 05x18
Pegged for dead by Vice, a retired gangster returns from the netherworld to find his son involved in the theft of a high-tech weapon.
Freefall 05x17
Crockett and Tubbs embark on what could be a suicide mission: escorting a corrupt Latin American dictator out of his country.
Victims of Circumstance 05x16
Crockett and Switek infiltrate a white-supremacist group that may be linked to murders of concentration-camp survivors set to testify against a Nazi fugitive.
Over the Line 05x15
Crockett and Tubbs walk a tightrope when they infiltrate a band of rogue cops who've fallen into vigilantism.
The Lost Madonna 05x14
Crockett and Tubbs team with a New York cop to nail a mob family dabbling in the highly profitable illegal art trade.
The Cell Within 05x13
Tubbs accepts a dinner invitation from a purportedly recovered sociopath and winds up as a prisoner in the man's private version of hell.
Jack of All Trades 05x12
Crockett's cousin Jack, up to his neck in debt and knee-deep in trouble, involves Crockett in his shady dealings.

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