Media Watch is Australia's leading forum for media analysis and comment.Conflicts of interest, bank backflips, deceit, misrepresentation, manipulation, plagiarism, abuse of power, technical lies and straight out fraud: Media Watch has built an unrivalled record of exposing media shenanigans since it first went to air in 1989.The media provides the information we need to make decisions about our lives, but how reliable are the media reports that shape our views of the world?Media Watch turns the spotlight onto those who literally 'make the news': the reporters, editors, sub-editors, producers, camera operators, sound recordists and photographers who claim to deliver the world to our doorsteps, radios, computers and living rooms. We also keep an eye on those who try to manipulate the media: the PR consultants, spin-doctors, lobbyists and "news makers" who set the agenda. Add to my shows

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Episode 27 2020x27

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Episode 26 2020x26
Named and shamed; Defamation hopes; Cancel culture cooked.
Episode 25 2020x25
Online abuse; Perth's media mayor; Magazine cull continues; Zodiac fake news.
Episode 24 2020x24
Today Show 'whack jobs'; Falconio Murder; Fake Tiger King.
Episode 23 2020x23
Victoria virus; Hanson dumped; By-election scorcher; Al Jazeera Malaysia. Presented by Paul Barry.
Episode 22 2020x22
ABC raids update; Hong Kong censorship; West Australian sorry; Chess beat-up.
Episode 21 2020x21
250 jobs cut and programs axed as the ABC deals with a funding shortfall and a five-year digital plan. Paul Barry examines what the latest round of cuts mean for the ABC and its audience.
Episode 20 2020x20
Today Show ethics; Maria Ressa interview; Bauer's fire sale.
Episode 19 2020x19
Lacking diversity; Secret trial; Darwin barney.
Episode 18 2020x18
A Media Watch special on the protests, riots and social unrest in America. What role has President Trump played in spreading hatred of the media? And why have so many reporters been targeted, attacked or arrested by police?
Episode 17 2020x17
News Corp kills ink; Harry's housing calls; Good grief.

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