Veteran TV journalist Maury Povich -- yes, he began his TV career as a news anchor -- tackles volatile issues with his guests and studio audience on this daily, hourlong talk show. Known widely for offering guests the chance to take DNA tests to prove or disprove paternity -- usually with guests breaking out in tears of joy or sorrow -- Povich's show also frequently utilizes lie-detector tests. Cheaters and out-of-control teens are often featured on the show, and episodes occasionally focus on outrageous moments that have been captured on video. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Paternity Secrets..... Am i Raising another man's Baby 2021x31
I Cheated with your Family Member.... But You're the Dad 2021x30
you can't Fool the test... exposed cheaters are 2021x29
DNA will Prove your Fiance had a with my Wife 2021x28
Those 9 women lied.... Ill Prove i'm Not a cheater 2021x27
maury Guests Unmasked.. Outrageous updates 2021x26
Is My Boyfriend or his uncle the father of my baby 2021x25
Mom, Dont lie Again.. Is This 2nd Man My father 2021x24
Busted in bed with my best friend... Is he our son's Dad 2021x23
22 Years of Lies.. Is this Man my father 2021x22

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