Returning for its eighth season, MasterChef Australia will this year take the best of what has been before and combine it with more big name international guest chefs, bright new talent and exciting challenges to create a truly remarkable series Add to my shows

season 12

Grand Finale 12x61
After a long culinary journey, the two finalists are competing for a $250,000 cash prize and the title of MasterChef Australia 2020.
Semi-Final 12x60
In the semifinal challenge, our top three contestants compete for a place in the Grand Final. At the end of this challenge, three become two.
Elimination Challenge: Ordinary vs. Extraordinary Pantry 12x59
In this elimination challenge, contestants must choose to use either ingredients from an ordinary pantry or an extraordinary pantry.
Mystery Box Challenge: Gordon Ramsay 12x58
The contestants discover the mystery box, covered in a Union Jack flag, has been set by guest chef Gordon Ramsay.
Elimination Challenge: Four-course Menu 12x57
In this mammoth elimination challenge, the contestants discover not only will they be cooking a four-course meal for the MasterChef judges, but for six of the hottest chefs in the country.
Immunity Challenge: No Rules 12x56
Who will make the finals? With no set rules in place, the contestants must mutually decide the cook time to create a dish, sweet or savoury, that best proves to the judges they have come back to win.
Mystery Box Challenge: Inspired by Nature 12x55
The race to finals week is on! The makers of the top three dishes from the mystery box challenge will battle it out for one last chance at winning immunity this season.
Elimination Challenge: Potato, Mushroom and Cauliflower 12x54
Phil Wood, from two of Victoria's finest restaurants, reveals that round one is a pressure test. Contestants have 75 minutes to replicate his dish: potatoes duchess with shiitake mushrooms and cauliflower.
Immunity Challenge: Lucky Dip 12x53
In the battle for top five, contestants must choose two cloches and cook with the ingredients underneath. They can give up one cloche and select a third, however they must cook with the third ingredient.
Mystery Box Challenge: Colour 12x52
This episode's mystery box is inspired by colour. The dish can be sweet or savoury, and contestants can access the pantry with the garden also in play. So why is Melissa so emotional?
Elimination Challenge: Classics & New Inventions 12x51
In this episode's elimination, contestants are challenged to cook a classic dish. Could this be Reynold's final cook in the kitchen?
Immunity Challenge: Alphabet Game 12x50
Three heavy hitters of the competition go head-to-head. Who will make top six?
Mystery Box Challenge: The Everything Box 12x49
The judges reveal that the contestants need to use all the ingredients in their mystery box to create two dishes - a sweet and savoury dish - in 75 minutes.
Elimination Challenge: Taste Test 12x48
This elimination will take place over two rounds, the first of which is the classic blind taste test. The first four contestants who guess incorrectly will go into round two.
Immunity Challenge: Ingredient Reveal 12x47
Every five minutes an ingredient that can be used in their cook is revealed to our contestants. They can start cooking at any time but only have access to the ingredients revealed up to that point.
Mystery Box Challenge: Golden Ingredients 12x46
In this episode's golden box mystery box challenge, the contestants have to create a dish using one or more of the golden ingredients. The top four dishes will battle it out in the next immunity challenge.
Elimination Challenge: Food from Different Countries 12x45
Charlie Carrington of Melbourne restaurant, Atlas sets today's elimination challenge focusing on food from different countries. But will a big risk send one contestant home?
Immunity Challenge: Pumpkin 12x44
Today's immunity challenge is all about resourcefulness. The contestants are each presented with a pumpkin and have 90 minutes to cook three dishes that feature the pumpkin in some way.
Mystery Box Challenge: Smoke 12x43
Today's mystery box is all about smoke. Contestants can use any method of smoking as long as one element has been smoked with a smoking gun.
Pressure Test: Benjamin Cooper 12x42
Benjamin Cooper, Executive Chef of Chin Chin Melbourne, sets tonight's pressure test where contestants must recreate his jungle curry with rice and roti without a recipe.
Team Challenge: Identical Dishes 12x41
Teams of two must create two dishes using a chosen ingredient. Dishes must be identical in taste and appearance, but they will not be able to see each other while they cook, so communication is key.
Pressure Test: Australia 12x40
It's an Australia-themed pressure test. First up contestants must cook a delicious savoury pie and sauce. The bottom four must then create a dish celebrating what Australia means to them.
Immunity Challenge: Three-round Mini Finale 12x39
Each round in this immunity challenge is worth 10 points and the contestant with the highest score at the end of round three will win immunity and be free from the upcoming elimination.
Heat 3: Mystery Box Lottery 12x38
This episode's mystery box ingredients are decided entirely by the luck of the draw, with numbered lottery balls corresponding to 25 ingredients on display.
Heat 2: Protein Dessert 12x37
Contestants discover they must create a dish inspired by chef Coskun Uysal's chicken rice pudding dessert. With this in mind, they must create their own dessert featuring a meat or protein.
Heat 1: Citrus Cook-off 12x36
Contestants cook a sweet or savoury style dish championing a citrus fruit of their choice. In round two, they use the same fruit, but their dish must be in the opposite style.
Elimination Challenge: Flavour Pairing 12x35
Contestants must make a dish that has two different flavoured ice-creams that only work when they are eaten together. In round two, they must make a dish using one of five unusual flavour pairings.
Immunity Challenge: Classic Fairytales 12x34
Contestants must create a dish inspired by one of seven classic fairytales. With an open pantry and garden, the contestant with the best dish and the strongest concept will win immunity.
Mystery Box Challenge: Family Photo 12x33
The contestants lift the lids of their mystery box to find a photo sent by their loved ones. The contestants have 60 minutes to create a dish inspired by the memory in their family photo.
Pressure Test: Kirsten Tibballs 12x32
Queen of chocolate and guest chef Kirsten Tibballs reveals that, for the pressure test, the contestants must create her wow-factor dessert the meljito.
Team Challenge: Relay 12x31
Each team must cook two dishes: one main and one dessert. Each contestant has 20 minutes to cook and they have just 45 seconds to hand over the dish to the next contestant in the relay.
Elimination Challenge: Fish 12x30
Josh Niland of The Fish Butchery breaks down a kingfish for each of the contestants to choose a cut to cook with. The contestant with the least impressive dish will be going home.
Immunity Challenge: Comfort Food 12x29
Tonight's immunity challenge is fought in two rounds. In one round contestants must create a delicious dish using instant noodles. The top two from round one must make a nostalgic and comforting dish.
Mystery Box Challenge: Shannon Martinez 12x28
Contestants must create a vegan dish using at least one ingredient from the mystery box set by vegan chef, Shannon Martinez. The top four dishes will cook off in tomorrow's immunity challenge.
Pressure Test: Peter Gunn 12x27
Contestants must replicate chef Peter Gunn's 'Black Box' from his restaurant Ides. The contestant with the least impressive dish will be going home.
Service Challenge: Sweet or Savoury 12x26
Jo Barrett and Matt Stone from Oakridge Wines mentor this service challenge, with each team cooking a sweet or savoury menu. The team with the least impressive menu faces the pressure test.
Elimination Challenge: Cuisine Cook-off 12x25
Contestants are cooking off against the other contestant on their bench. The best dish from each bench will be safe, while the remaining contestants must cook in the elimination round.
Immunity Challenge: Hot 'N' Cold & MasterClass 2 12x24
Katy Perry guest judges a very special Hot 'N' Cold challenge to honour the iconic MasterChef theme song. The contestant with the best dish will find themselves safe from the elimination.
Mystery Box Challenge: Twist Ingredients 12x23
Contestants have 75 minutes to cook a dish using one or more of the eight ingredients in the mystery box. The contestants are pushed to the limit when a twist is delivered to their benches.
Pressure Test: Darren Purchese 12x22
Contestants have three hours to complete a simply stunning Darren Purchese dish, but in the final hour of the cook, a twist that no one could anticipate is thrown at the contestants.
Service Challenge: Two Twists 12x21
Contestants learn that there will be a twist with every challenge this week, so they must think on their feet to survive another week in the MasterChef kitchen. Tonight two twists really stir the pot.
Elimination Challenge: Take Away 12x20
In today's take-away elimination challenge contestants must make a dish that will stand the home delivery test. Contestants have 90 minutes from the start of the cook to completed delivery.
Immunity Challenge: Sushi Train 12x19
Three contestants are told they must prepare 100 small plates each, consisting of five different dishes. All dishes will be served on the sushi train and will be colour-coded in this blind tasting.
Mystery Box Challenge: Backyard Fruit and Vegetables 12x18
This episode's ingredients are sourced by locals who grow fruit and vegetables in their backyards. The three most impressive dishes from the mystery box challenge will cook in an immunity challenge.
Pressure Test: Helly Raichura 12x17
Helly Raichura, of Enter Via Laundry, bases this taste test on her popular dish, 'pasta not pasta'. Contestants who guess the least ingredients correctly must replicate the dish in a challenge.
Team Challenge: Thai Ute 12x16
The contestants leave the kitchen for a week of off-site challenges. Teams must make two entrees and three mains for 50 diners. The least impressive team faces a pressure test.
Elimination Challenge: Texture 12x15
This challenge is all about texture. In round one, contestants must cook a dish with the best crunch. Round two is all about a gooey texture. The least impressive gooey dish will send its chef home.
Immunity Challenge: Time Auction 12x14
The immunity challenge sees four contestants compete in a time auction. The more time they spend on buying ingredients, the less time they have to cook.
Mystery Box Challenge: Barter 12x13
The judges reveal that each contestant's mystery box contains four ingredients which they can barter with one another for. The top four dishes will see their makers cook for immunity in the next episode.
Pressure Test: Own Recipe 12x12
It's a pressure test with a difference. Each contestant has written their own pressure test recipe and has to create a dish to wow the judges. The least impressive dish will send its maker home.
Team Challenge: Three-round Cook-off 12x11
The contestants are split into three teams of seven and compete in a three-round cook-off. After the third round, the bottom six contestants are revealed and will cook off in the next episode's pressure test.
Elimination Challenge: Judges' Pantry 12x10
In this episode's elimination challenge, every contestant bar one, the winner of the immunity challenge, is up for elimination. The contestant with the least impressive dish will be going home.
Immunity Challenge: Taste Test & MasterClass 1 12x09
The five contestants with the most impressive dishes from yesterday's challenge find themselves back in the kitchen ready to cook off in an immunity challenge. Plus, MasterClass with Andy and Jock.
Mystery Box Challenge: Melissa Leong 12x08
In the first mystery box challenge of the season, the 22 remaining contestants discover the ingredients have been chosen from all corners of the globe by judge Melissa Leong.
Pressure Test: Jock Zonfrillo 12x07
In the first pressure test of the season, contestants must cook three dishes from judge Jock Zonfrillo's three-hatted, award-winning restaurant, Orana. The least impressive dish will send someone home.
Team Challenge: Ultimate Barbecue 12x06
The contestants compete in the ultimate barbecue challenge, cooking for a staggering 1200 people. The team who least impresses will find themselves cooking in the pressure test.
Elimination Challenge: Gordon's Gift 12x05
Every contestant is up for elimination, except the winner of the immunity challenge. The pressure mounts for all contestants to deliver delicious dishes and keep their place in the competition.
Immunity Challenge: Keeping Up with Gordon 12x04
After impressing the judges in the round robin relay challenge, the winning team are back in the kitchen cooking for immunity and a chance to be safe from the next elimination.
Team Challenge: Round Robin Relay 12x03
Teams must cook a three-course meal in a relay-style cook. Each team member starts a course and after 20 minutes must swap to the next course. The most cohesive menu with the best dishes wins.
Service Challenge: Ginger, Potatoes and Black Garlic 12x02
Each team must cook a three-course meal for 120 guests. The judges reveal three ingredients: black garlic, ginger and potatoes. Each team must feature one of the ingredients in each course.
Immunity Pin Challenge: Finale-worthy Dish 12x01
Your favourites are back for another crack at the coveted MasterChef title. Up for grabs is this season's only immunity pin, and joining them all week is chef extraordinaire Gordon Ramsay.

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