Returning for its eighth season, MasterChef Australia will this year take the best of what has been before and combine it with more big name international guest chefs, bright new talent and exciting challenges to create a truly remarkable series Add to my shows

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Elimination Challenge - Week 11 10x54
This is the final elimination before Finals Week, and will determine the top five for 2018. It's an elimination over three rounds. Plus, a MasterClass with Curtis Stone.

Latest episodes

Team Challenge - Week 11 10x53
This episode is all about raising money for Second Bite, a charity that the program supports. The contestants will cook using only ingredients donated by the charity, cooking a six-course degustation.
Fast-Track to Finals Week: Matt or Reynold? 10x52
The winner of the mystery box and of the invention test will face off in round one, vying for the chance to cook off against a professional cook in round two to get fast tracked to Finals Week.
Pressure Test: Joe Grbac's Imperial Mandarin 10x51
The bottom three contestants from the invention test face elimination. Tonight is a pressure test with a terrifying twist... contestants won't see the dish, taste the dish or even get the recipe! They'll need to follow the clues to cook the dish hidden before them.
Mystery Box Challenge: Loved Ones & Invention Test: Vue de Monde 10x50
The seven remaining contestants are in the kitchen ready to fight for their place with a big surprise awaiting them. What will the contestants be challenged with for this invention test?
Elimination Challenge: Peter Gilmore's Snow Egg & MasterClass 3 10x49
This is no ordinary elimination, but a pressure test with an iconic dish. How will the contestants cope with this massive challenge? Plus, join us for a masterclass.
Off-Site Challenge: Panama Dining Room 10x48
The challenge is off site at Panama Dining Room, in Melbourne's inner-city suburb of Fitzroy. The contestants will be cooking a main course and dessert for 25 people each.It's the battle for the super power. Chloe and Sashi have to cook a main and a dessert for 30 people each. Who will win the biggest advantage in MasterChef history?
Time or Ingredients 10x47
The contestants remaining in survival week will learn all about making decisions under pressure as they decide what is of more value to them: time or ingredients. To win the ultimate super power, Samira will take a super risk. Gorgonzola and anchovy? Find out if she's pulled off the impossible.
Re-Invention Test: Retro TV Dinners 10x46
As survival week continues, the contestants are shocked to discover that another challenge may lead to elimination when they have to turn a tray of terror into a modern masterpiece.
Mystery Box Challenge: Surprise Ingredient & Invention Test: Oil, Salt, and Pepper 10x45
The judges have a surprise: it's survival week and the contestants will be cooking for their lives every day. By the end of the week, one of them will win the most powerful advantage.
Elimination Challenge: Picture Perfect 10x44
Continuing their adventure, the contestants arrive at their next destination. The two losing teams from the previous challenge face elimination in this challenge.

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