Returning for its eighth season, MasterChef Australia will this year take the best of what has been before and combine it with more big name international guest chefs, bright new talent and exciting challenges to create a truly remarkable series Add to my shows

Latest episodes

MasterChef 2018 Grand Finale 10x61
It's the grand finale of 2018 and our top 24 has been whittled down to two home cooks battling it out in one final day in the kitchen.
Semi-Final: Service Challenge 10x60
It is the semi-final of 2018. Our top three contestants are told that they will be cooking for some very special guests.
Elimination Challenge: Three-Course Meal for Four Top Chefs & MasterClass 5 10x59
The elimination challenge will determine who will go into the semifinal. The bottom three contestants will fight it out for their place in the competition. Plus, a final MasterClass of the season.
Service Challenge: Icebergs 10x58
The contestants arrive in Sydney at the iconic Icebergs restaurant in Bondi. They are competing for a place in the semifinal and need to be inspired by the Italian menu at Icebergs.
Two-Round Cook-Off: Three Seasons 10x57
We are down to the top four in the competition and they will compete for a massive advantage. Just days from the grand finale, this advantage will be a game changer.
Pressure Test: Ashley Palmer-Watts' Sherried Marron 10x56
It's the first pressure test of finals week and the bottom three contestants from the previous invention test line up for what will be the last time in the MasterChef kitchen for one of them.
Mystery Box Challenge: Past Seasons & Invention Test: No Rules 10x55
On the first day of finals week, each contestant will cook with one of five mystery boxes from a past season. Who will make it through to the next challenge?
Elimination Challenge: Taste Test in Three Rounds & MasterClass 4 10x54
This is the final elimination before Finals Week, and will determine the top five for 2018. It's an elimination over three rounds. Plus, a MasterClass with Curtis Stone.
Off-Site Challenge: Second Bite at Luminare 10x53
This episode is all about raising money for Second Bite, a charity that the program supports. The contestants will cook using only ingredients donated by the charity, cooking a six-course vegetarian degustation menu.
Fast-Track to Finals Week: Matt or Reynold? 10x52
The winner of the mystery box and of the invention test will face off in round one, vying for the chance to cook off against a professional cook in round two to get fast tracked to Finals Week.

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