Mary's Bottom Line sees Mary Portas attempting to help to restore some life back to British manufacturing of textile and clothing. Add to my shows

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Episode 4 01x04
Nearly a year ago Mary started her most ambitious and challenging project to dateby starting her own production line, creating British knickers. With both the Spring and Summer knicker sales going through the roof and Autumn and Winter pre-orders exceeding expectations, Mary's dream looks like it is about to come true.
Episode 3 01x03
Mary and the factory workers are getting ready for the launch of Kinky Knickers at the high-profile London store Liberty. The knickers need to be ready to hit the shelves by Valentine's Day. Mary is in London photographing the knickers in an effort to gain more press for the brand. As the launch date gets close, there's a disaster after the lace trim supplier goes out of business, placing future orders into doubt.
Episode 2 01x02
Mary attempts to lay down the rule of what she expects from all the trainees before beginning to make Mary's knickers. Mary is determined that they will be priced at £10 a pair.
Episode 1 01x01
Mary travels to Middleton in Greater Manchester, to set up a new production line for British-made knickers. She wants the next generation of buyers to understand the true value of buying British.

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