Mary, Queen Of Shops is hosted by Mary Portas. Mary attempts to help smaller fashion retail outlets survive in a tough market against the bigger retail stores. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Lightwater Homecare 04x06
Mary attempts to help a hardware shop that has seen profits drop 60% in the last three years alone. Tony has lost sight of DIY as he's introduced greeting cards, party balloons and novelty calendars to the store.
John Peers 04x05
Mary tries to help an 80s hairdressing legend whose business is now facing closure.
Under the Moon 04x04
Mary attempts to help save a Kingston homeware shop from threatened closure.
Fosters 04x03
Mary attempts to help three fiery sisters who have been running a 115-year-old greengrocers shop into the ground. Some of Mary's ideas are met with skepticism and the sisters fallout about some of the ideas.
Clealls 04x02
Mary offers help to Chris and Juliet who bought a Dorset village shop a year earlier but are now losing nearly £6000 a month.
Maher and Sons 04x01
Mary attempts to help a struggling London bakery but her plan to turn the old-fashioned Maher and Sons into an artisan bread heaven is met with opposition by owner Angela.
Save the Children, Orpington (3) 03x03
Mary attempts to get some celebrities and fashion editors to give the clothes available at charity shops a try. After five months Mary looks at whether she has achieved all her goals.
Save The Children, Orpington (2) 03x02
Mary continues to try and turn around the fortunes of the Save The Children shop Orpington as she convinces Head Office to pay for a shop manager and a refit. Not everyone is convinced by Mary's plans for the shop though.
Save the Children, Orpington 03x01
Mary attempts to turn around the fortunes of the Save The Children charity shop in Orpington.
Homeboy and Ju-Ju Revisits 02x06
Mary revisits two shops she helped in the last series to see if they have taken the advise she offered or to see whether they have reverted back to their old ways.

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